What suitcase/duffle bag do you use when travelling? And what do you pack?


Just got back from a week on GC, and I am super tired of travelling with my Rimowas. They are great when you are just packing clothes on regular holiday, but they are dreadful when packing for cycling holiday.

So was wondering, what do you guys use when travelling, and what do you have on your packing list when travelling with the bike?

I have been looking at getting the Patagonia Black Hole® Wheeled Duffel Bag 100L. Gotten some good reviews!

Some things that I pack in my checkin luggage (bike related):

  • Sports drinks/gels
  • Bibs
  • Jerseys
  • Socks
  • Extra chain
  • Inner tubes
  • Extra tyres
  • Chain lube
  • Hex + all other tools

= Half my bag is usually cycling stuff, tools and whatnot, and then the other haft of the bag has to fit cycling clothes and regular clothes.

Here is what is usually looks like when we travel, bike boxes + regular luggage:

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If it’s less than a week, I can usually get by w/ carry-on: backpack for book, kindle, laptop etc, then an Eagle Creek duffle for overhead. I use various sized compression bags (the ones with double zippers) and/or the ziplock style compression bags that “vacuum seal” your garments - usually cuts packing size by half

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North Face Base Camp XL, North Face Rolling Thunder, Orucase for bike, tonnes of kids stuff. This was our luggage for a weekend in Boise, Idaho.

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I just toss all that crap in the bike case. Tools go in a pocket in the case, the rest in shoe/helmet bags.

Just about everything I need fits in here: