Handlebar Bag Recommendations

For the gravel and road bike. What do you guys use? Thanks.

I’ve been really happy with this: https://attaquercycling.com/collections/saddle-bags-pocket-pouches/products/adventure-handlebar-bag-camo

I’ve used on MTB and on road and with the attachment points and straps, it stays locked in place and doesn’t bounce up and down. Only thing you’ll have to manage is the headunit location, since it can prevent you from pulling up the flap to open it depending on where you have it placed.

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I like the camo…I have a BlankInc Bar and proprietary mount dead center…I think I could manage getting in and out.

How big? I’ve a podsac one for bikepacking that I like.

Although I’m not sure if they’re available in the states.

I think anywhere between 1-2L would be me. Something to fit the phone, a couple bananas, basic tools, maybe a can of coke and a couple bars…5 hour rides max.

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I’ve got both a Rapha and an Apidura and I can recommend both whole heartedly.


Podsac is definitely not what you want then!

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Little bit bigger at 2.5L but I’m very pleased with the Roadrunner Burrito Supreme. US made by nice folks for similar price to mass market brand name bags.

I got it for long gravel rides but have been using it for fast solo 4hr+ road rides on my Tarmac with aerofly bars and an out front mount. The opening faces forward so it’s still easy access and the straps are plenty long for the aero tops.

Plenty of room for food and I’ll even throw an extra bottle in there. Makes clothing choice much less of a concern in shoulder seasons too. Just stash extra gear in the bag.


+1 for road runner, also have the burrito supreme

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I bought the REI branded one a couple of months ago. It’s fairly simple in design but it was definitely work the the ~$35 I paid to try out the bag vs an $80 bag. Though it doesn’t sounds as big as what you are describing.

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Carradice bags were recommended in the Audax thread

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Any in the UK check out Michael_Walkden on Instagram. Michael on Instagram: "Bar bag and saddle bag combo I made recently. All black @cordurabrand outer with contrasting bright yellow interior. #cutandsew #custombags #bikepacking"
He’s a Rapha RCC Ride Leader in Leeds and makes his own bar and saddle bags. Quality is brilliant and because everything is made to order he can pretty much make anything you want.

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Dirtbags is a small family owned and operated company in Spearfish SD that makes custom
bags at a fair price. I’ve got a couple of their bags and need to order this one. Converts to a waist pack/man bag after you’re done riding to carry your “stuff” like an extra beer to the post ride festivities.

I use the Apidura Back country handlebar bag . I put a sleeping bag ,bivvy bag, waterproof goretex jacket + shorts and pair of gloves in there. Very tough, waterproof, and doesn’t come loose over rough terrain. On my Cotic MTB, but you might need the smaller sized one for a gravel bike. Costs about £77. If you look on Apidura s website you can order it there.


A buddy gave me a SpeedShleev Diego to try. It seems to do the trick for me. Here is about the max I can pack in it. So, really perfect for 5-7 hour rides with the saddle bag and pockets. The limiter is liquids…



+2 for Road Runner. I got both the smaller Burrito and bigger Burrito Supreme. I use either depending on the carry need. Great stuff. Great small company. Doesn’t break the bank.

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I’m also trying to come up with a way to carry more fluids on gravel as my CX bike has just two bottle mounts. I ordered one of these for $21: https://www.rapha.cc/Us/en_US/shop/bar-bag/product/BBA01XXBMG

I was thinking of trying something like this to carry an extra liter: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08PG4XZ3Y/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1

I’d think it would be conformable enough to fit in that small bag. It would mean stopping to transfer liquid to my normal bottles but that’s better than getting on pavement to find a town.

Anyone do something similar?

I’m very happy with my routewerks bag (had to have a friend bring to the UK from the US). For Europe/UK based - I think tailfin.cc might be releasing one very soon, and their products are engineering porn.

The bag basically never leaves the bike (although it’s a <3s job to put it on / remove)
(I have it in black)

What I really like about this bag:

  • hard top with computer mount
  • very easy to open / close on the go (unlike rolled or zipped bags)
  • good capacity, several pockets
  • You can still attach bike a bike computer to the bag mount, if not using the bag (with an extra accessory)
  • side handlebars stubs which allow to add lights (although that bit could be improved)

I just wish they had a under-bag mount for lights, as it would both be cleaner, and would have the advantage of not having the light itself be visible at night (better night vision adjustment).

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+1 on the burrito supreme. I run it on my Factor Ostro (I claim it as an aero advantage😉) for longer rides and days where I want to be able to stash extra clothes. It does look a bit large, but I appreciate not having to completely stuff it, which makes it easier to get stuff out, especially when rolling.

@Jonathan tipped me off to Almsthre bags. I have both the Signature and Compact bar bags and they outstanding. Super well built and asthetically look good too. Highly recommended.