Favorite Cold Weather Kit, Clothing

Cold weather is soon approaching for many, and I’m looking for suggestions on what to add to my wardrobe.

What is everyone’s favorite kit to wear when it gets chilly out? Favorite type of kit (vests, jackets, warmers)? Favorite brands? Let’s hear it!

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I fully endorse the Sportful fiande kit range, for our wet UK weather. It doesn’t get that cold, maybe to 0C, but very damp and that kit never lets me down. For showery weather the Gabba from Castelli is a god send.


I’ve always liked Castelli…works well and you can usually get last year’s stock on discount if you look around, so it’s affordable as well.


Neoprene gloves are Ze Best piece of equipment I ve ever bought recently. Can not be cold with these beauties rain, blizzard, name it.


What’s your definition of cold? 38F this morning is different than -5F in winter proper here.

Sheeesh no chance you’d catch me riding outside in the negatives! Freezing or a few degrees below is probably the coldest I’ll be out in this winter.


The one piece of kit I wish I discovered years ago is the balaclava. It makes a huge difference when riding below 30f.


I like anything by Gore.


I use an item from The North Face, great addition to my cycling wardrobe.

Now I believe they’ve sorted out the fit issues with the middle glove, the Dissent 133 layered glove system is a godsend for those of us with Raynaud’s or other circulation issues.


My Gabba is the go-to piece of kit when things get nasty. Over the top of a good quality baselayer and I’m toasty warm.

Also found that silk glove liners can really make a difference on those bitterly cold mornings.


The long sleeve jersey from Pas Normal Studios is my most comfortable piece of winter kit (but soooooo expensive), with a fleece inside and really comfortable and stretchy fabric. I just bought a Sportful thermal bodyfit pro jersey, and while this is perfectly fine it is just not as well built as the Pas Normal one. The fabric is stiffer, there are a lot more seams in the way, and the waisliner is just simpler with a normal elastic band and a rubber inside.

I also think a thin merino hat or beenie or what it is called in english is a must have for winter riding.

Planet X are great for some cheap winter gear in the UK. Neoprene overshoes, easy velcro fastening, £8. Or a warm cap with ear protectors for £13.


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Gore Bike Wear. Thought out products, simple designs, long lasting and great warranty (&service).


Castelli gabba and perfetto stuff is perfect. Really waterproof and breathable.

Endura thermolite (this year known as fs260 pro thermo is also really good stuff

I also recommend castelli diluvio gloves or endura fs260 nemo gloves

I have Castelli Gabba, some FF gloves reflective, and Nalini leg/arm/bibs. Merino socks and some show covers.

I have winter gloves when the temps drop and use inner gloves (like the ski ones) for colder.

Btw, i’m a big fan of layering instead of having a really warm jersey or jacket. So on cold days i’d have a medium or heavy woolmix baselayer, long sleeve jersey with brushed inside and a gilet or maybe a thin jacket.


+1 on Castelli. I have tights and jacket from them a few years old still rocking. Love their nanoflex sleeves. They actually fit cyclists. Every other set appeared to be designed for bodybuilders.

I have hundreds of bloody gloves none of which are any use. Either boil my mitts off or give me chilblains. Tried searching for neoprene gloves. Ended up with knitted sealskinz WTH! Am tempted by those gloves mentioned by @martinheadon


Some favorite items:

  1. Big fan of the Castelli Transparente line of windproof jerseys. I can wear these in 50’s down into the 30’s (F) with different base layers as needed.

  2. Assos jacket and vest from the Air Jack 851 series. Warm, fit perfectly, and apparently cannot be worn out. Only drawback is the jacket and vest are black so not great on the road.

  3. Vests - I am a huge fan of vests (gilets). Have several from super light pocket size to very heavy thermal style. The thermal insulated vest is an under appreciated piece of kit as it protects your core but doesn’t feel as restrictive or bulky as a jacket.

  4. My all time favorite dead of winter jacket is by Inverse called Inverse Air System. It’s a heavy material so very warm, but they cleverly added some long zippers in the sleeves which can be opened and closed as needed to regulate heat and air flow. It’s a clever and extremely well built piece of kit. The kind of stuff that makes the difference between going out and saying “no thanks”. Bought one for me, my wife and my dad. Friends saw them and ordered immediately. Inverse is still around but I can’t find this exact jacket any longer or would post a link.

  5. For gloves, as soon as it goes sub-freezing, I use ski gloves plus liners or lobsters or full mittens. Am usually in the woods if it’s that cold.

  6. Feet - for the 30s a good pair of booties, colder than that just get get boots. I like the Lake 303s in the woods.

6.1) Belgian Booties are nice for 40s and 50s and can be layered under neoprene booties for a bit of extra warmth.

  1. a neck gaiter or “buff” is a must have when really cold. Castelli makes one that is a tube with a drawstring that can be a neck gaiter or a hat. Kinda funky.

  2. Of course the best cold kit is your indoor trainer and Trainer Road (heh heh)

An aside, I love these threads. Almost always pick up a useful tip or two on what works and what doesn’t or a cool idea.



Tons of great info here, thanks everyone! Seems like lots of people like Castelli stuff, so I think I might try to find a Gabba on sale.

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