Road cycling clothing list

Refreshing my wardrobe, minimal in the sense of reusing stuff and making sure everything works with other things.

The list so far, one each of;


  • Socks, white
  • Shoes, white
  • Bib shorts
  • Base layer
  • Summer jersey
  • Mitts
  • Helmet, aero


  • Shoe covers
  • Leg/arm warmers
  • Thermal bib/jersey longs
  • Wind/rain gilet
  • Cycling jacket
  • Long finger gloves
  • Buff

Am I missing anything or doubling up where I don’t need to?


I’m sorry, what are you doubling up on? Says “one of each?”

Since you are going minimal, I’d say you probably have it mostly. I would definitely recommend a wind vest. Perhaps add toe covers if you can splurge. I consider shoe covers overshoes, so maybe you meant toe covers.

Depending on how much you ride, I’d obviously suggest more than one of most of these.


Depending on how cold you plan on riding, and what your hair line looks like, I like a cycling cap. I actually have two - one with a visor and one without but has ear covers.


Extra pro-tip: 7mil nitrile gloves stuffed in your saddle pack. 100% have saved multiple calls home.


Headband to wick sweat
As RKO mentioned, another headband for brain freeze days
Wool socks
Black socks for winter (I don’t like white socks with leg warmers/tights, but that might just be me)
Toe covers for when it’s not cold enough to bother with shoe covers
I like to have 2 pairs of long finger gloves. One for cool/cold and one for “I can’t feel my fingers”
Something to put phone in on a rainy day (can just be a ziplock bag if you don’t want to get fancy)

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He’s got a gilet

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Yeah, I’m in two minds about this. I had shoe covers when I was cycling a lot, and I didn’t use them much iirc. The neoprene ones, I still have one and can’t find the other. The regular shoe covers got damaged from cleats and walking in them.

On the other hand if I’m only going with one pair of shoes and they’re white…I’m gonna need covers :slight_smile:

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I usually just put the toe covers on and leave them there until it gets cold enough to switch to shoe covers (obviously, I wash them if needed). I find shoe covers a real pain to get on and off, and I don’t like the way they dig into my achilles. Obviously, ymmv on this one!

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How so?

I have a Gore windstopper short sleeve base layer shirt that I love (Craft makes one too). It is one of my most useful kit items. It might sound like luxury but its really a key item for a minimalist kit set up.

It adds about 10 degrees to the low range of my ss jerseys. It keeps the wind off your chest and makes a lightweight summer jersey way more versatile. Its great when its cool but also its not oppressive up into the high 70’s so its great for a cool morning ride start that’s going to warm up but you don’t want to haul a vest around all day just to get through the first hour or so. Its also great for cool races as unlike a vest or jacket it has almost no aero penalty.


I have multiple base layers, varying from sleeveless mesh to short sleeve thermal. The right base layer makes a big difference.

That said, I have multiples of all my bike clothing items. I like options, not only for comfort, but also for style.


Any thoughts on the Gabba RoS or similar?

Feel like it should be in there some where but I think a gilet makes it redundant?

When it RAINS. And I mean RAINS… putting those suckers on underneath your gloves will keep the wind off the soaked gloves, and keeps the thermal barrier close to the skin. Or say you go out on a 60 degree day and climb up a mountain that creates its own weather systems and you wore half-finger or light long finger gloves, you now have a super great extra layer of protection. They pack super small, super light, and double as mechanics gloves if you need to do things to your bike without getting your hands grungy. Fingers can be cut to stuff large punctures…use them as rubber bands to tie things…IMO its a 100% must have.


That’s one of the best tips I’ve seen in quite a while. I’ve been doing this cycling thing for a LONG time, and I’m still learning better ways to do stuff.


Who actually pays for base layers?

It’s better than bartering, surely?

I bought a Castelli Prosecco at least five years ago and going strong

Where are you getting them free?

Me. I have 2 Craft base layers for colder weather (for So Cal) that weren’t cheap, but have proven their value to me. I have a couple others from Pactimo that I like for more mild temps. I also find that Under Armour Dri Fit sleeveless shirts work pretty well, too. None of them I got for free.

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Don’t forget choice of “eyewear” on the list


+1. Definitely a pro tip and something I always bring when riding/racing in the high mountains. Even in August, storms can roll in and you find yourself in a snow/sleet storm and temps in the 30s or 40’s. Along with the gloves, I also carry one of those disposable plastic hotel shower caps for same purpose. The gloves and cap weigh nothing and can be wrapped into a tiny bundle (smaller than a c02 cartridge). Just there for emergencies.