Favero Shimano Pedals are OFFICIAL

Yeah I’m wondering whether it’s either a ‘No news is good news’ situation because if there was a problem people would complain. Or alternatively, Favero have barely sold any at all because of the initial concerns.

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I’ve been riding Duo Shis for about a month now. Was very hesitant at first due to the q factor concerns.

My natural position is toe out, and historically I’ve had issues removing knee pain while balancing lateral placement, angle and heels hitting chainstays.

Before buying the assiomas I pushed my cleat position completely in (putting my shoes all the way outboard) to test out a wider q factor. The only issue that caused was blistering because my feet were slightly rotating in the shoe with how inboard the cleat mounting was.

Switching over, and boy am I happy. Feet feel in a great position, and I can put the cleat exactly where I want it under the ball of my foot. No heel clipping either!

So all in all, I think I have to echo the GPLama/DCRainmaker view. Unless you have an extremely dialed it fit this won’t be an issue. My interpretation is that unless you know that the wider q factor doesn’t work for you because you’ve had pain and/or power drops when testing it in the fitting context enjoy this great product.


Thanks - this is a really helpful bit of feedback :+1:t2:

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