Favero Assioma Tension

Hi all,

Is anyone able to elaborate on how they fixed the overly tight spring tension of the Assioma pedals? I’m scared of riding outdoors with mine at the moment, for fear of clip stacking. Clipping in is fine, but I’m having difficulties unclipping.

As soon as I installed the pedals, I put proper Look Keo (4.5 degree float) cleats on my shoes, instead of the included Xpedo cleats. I followed a thread on Slowtwitch forum, but not sure I understood it properly.

Basically, I’ve undone the tension bolt all the way until the bolt starts to come out of the pedal body. Then, I’m pushing down on the bolt. This seems to move the tension gauge a little bit closer to Low, but not a whole lot. I’ve done this with both pedals, as well as pushing the bolt in while undoing it. Then I tighten the bolt basically until it comes back into contacy with the pedal body, and the gauge starts to move again.

It’s possibly made a little bit of a difference, but they’re still difficult to clip out of… No issues clipping in at all.

Am I missing something? Should I just keep doing this over and over trying to affect spring tension and get the tension gauge to mover closer to the upper L?


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Yeah same with mine. I’ve loosened the tension all the way. They do loosen up a bit with use and you have to think ahead when you know you may have to stop.

What I don’t like is you have to turn your pedals outwards to unclip. I’m used to turning inwards (or outwards) to unclip on my other bikes with Shimano pedals.

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I think using 4.5 degree float (grey) cleats may help a little, but yes – I find I end up having to really contort my foot outward with a lot of pressure.

I’ll try going for a ride outside with them today. Usually when I’ve clip stacked before, I’ve tried to anticipate if/when I have to stop – and usually my foot gets caught as I underestimate the force required to unclip.

Should I wear protective mountain biking gear? :rofl:

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Full face helmet and motocross suit is advised for your first run on the faveros :rofl:

I kinda like the increased tension compared to the look ones I had before buying the assioma pedals.


I went through the same process and when the screw was loose, I couldn’t just press it back in. I did pull up on the clip part, putting tension into the spring before tightening the screw back in. I don’t know if it made much difference, but I’m comfortable with the tension now after using the pedals indoor and out for awhile.

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Yeah, the spring tension on the Assioma’s is notoriously tight, and I managed to clip stack as I transitioned over from SPD-SL (oh, the embarassment). Loosened the spring tension right off and practised my clipping out, and have only had that one clip-stack in 15 months of using the Assioma’s. They do loosen off over time (or perhaps the cleats “wear in”?).

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What I did after loosening them off to a point where the screw was loose was to clip my shoes in and out a few times which I found much easier than pushing in or moving the clip part by hand. I’ve also noticed they seem to loosen over time.

Saying that, coming from 16 Nm tension Keo blades (which have no adjustment) they aren’t stupidly tight and planning ahead for clipping out is never a bad thing IMO

The other thing to try is to rotate your cleats in a little so you don’t have to turn your foot as far to start to clip out (assuming your knees don’t mind the asymmetrical float).


Similar experience here, definitely easier over time when they’ve worn in. Until then, full body protection and helmet required.

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Thanks for the responses. Here’s what I found. I can lever the rear of the pedal back using a pair of pliers. I’m assuming this is what people mean when they refer to pulling back on the pedal:

I tried this while holding the screw in it’s outmost (unscrewed) position, and also while screwing it back in until the bottom of the screw meets the pedal. I think maybe the tension indicator is slightly better:

Whether or not this has had an impact, I’m not sure. I also tried clipping in and out a lot of times with the tension screw completely undone. Again, hard to say if it’s made a difference or not – if so, perhaps I’m just a little more used to them, or they’ll wear in over time?

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I had the same problem with clipping out when I first installed these pedals but only on the right side. Ran the tension all the way down and the right side was still sticking. I finally shot some dry spray lubricant into the spring and pivot points and that corrected the problem. You might give it a shot.


I have both look and xpeedo cleats in both my shoes and the xpeedo clips out soooo much easier, ya really have to yank the look ones out of the pedal

This is getting confusing. Favero shows use special cleats (xpeedo) or original look Keo compatible, (whatever that means). Others on this thread say xpeedo are not great and get Keo grip 4.5 gray. Now it seems that the original xpeedo clip out easier. So, as I said, I’m confused. Do I want to clip out easy or do I wan cleats that stay in ? I just don’t know what i want.

What do I want?



I found the expeedo cleats very slippery (on the road when stopping and restarting, plus general walking once off the bike). I’ve gone to the grey Look Keo with non-slip cleats and will be sticking with them.

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I’m pretty happy with the clipping out performance of my assiomas. They are tighter than my spds I was using in that fully slackened off assiomas roughly equal a medium setting on my last pedals but I don’t find them too hard to clip out of. They also definitely do become looser over time in that I am now thinking of tightening the screws a little. I have only every used grey look keo grip cleats.

For those that feel that they are having to rotate their feet too far to unclip then maybe try rotating the cleat a little? I have slightly “duck” feet (pointing out) so have to point the cleats in a little otherwise i’d have to rotate my foot too far to clip out.

I do struggle clipping in to my assioma’s though… not because they are too tight but because I find that they spin too freely or are poorly weighted - I have to look down to check the position of the pedal I can’t just guess like my old pedals.

Great power meter though - performance has been rock solid.


I have found the PERFECT solution to fix this. Just remove one spring and it’s the perfect amount of tension, been riding around for a few weeks and no issues.


How do you remove the spring?

odd that you “heel in” when unclipping…but i do the same thing. just purchased assioma pedals and almost fell. couldn’t believe how tight they were. reduced tension a bit, but have to start unclipping the way most others do (“heel out”).

I recently made the switch from Look pedals to Assioma. Due to a knee injury in the 90’s, I got in the habit of unclipping by twisting the heel of my foot inwards (i call it heeling in vs heeling out). Regardless of how much I loosen the tension on the Assimoa pedals, I am forced to ‘heel out’. Does anyone know if there is something with the pedals that prevents ‘heeling in’? I have no last effects from the knee injury, but for me, ‘heeling in’ reduces torque on my knees.

I have the same pedals and I also come from the Look pedals. I’ll check next time what you ask to confirm you. However, what I can confirm you is that I find the Assioma harder to unclip it than the Look.

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I have the same problem. Not sure why I’m unable to unclip by “heeling in” rather than out.