Need Bike Fit Help: Switching from Shimano to Look Keo

Looking for advice to help dial in my cleat position.

I switched from Shimano pedals to Look Keo (Assioma Favero power meter) about a week ago. My previous Shimano cleats were in a perfect position with no knee pain. The cleats were basically as far forward (toward the toe) as they could go, as far outward as possible (feet closest to the cranks), with the heels rotated away from the crank arms.

The Look Keo cleats are smaller than the Shimanos, so I could not trace and replace. The old markings are still on the bottom of the shoes, though. I placed the Look Keo cleats in an identical manner as described above and the Keo cleats align with the trace of the Shimanos, just smaller.

However, I have had some pain in my left knee, specifically near the patellar ligament and a little on the medial side (inside). I have adjusted the cleat position a couple of times based on the graphics below. Looking for additional advice, especially from anyone with experience transitioning from Shimano to Look Keo. Thanks in advance!



I went from Ultegra to assioma. The key is to mark where the spindle is, on the Shimano cleats there’s is a little indentation market that shows this location and this is “home”. Now, the XPEDO cleats don’t have a home marker so to speak, but it’s here. The key is to line this up with wherever home was with your old cleats and you’re in the money.


Dont forget to check stack height.

^^^yep. That being said that the Assioma stack is like 1mm lower so probably not something you’d feel

Is the float the same between your new look cleats and your old shimano’s?

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Yes, the float is the same - 6 degrees.

Based on @Cleanneon98’s suggestion I moved the clear back a couple of mm. Only did an endurance ride with one 15 minute sweet spot interval. Will report back tomorrow after Juneau -1.