Release tension of power meter pedals

I am trying to compare the release tension range of the Garmin Vector 2, Vector 3, and Favero Assioma pedals
Does anyone know what the release tension ranges are for these power meter pedals?

I am trying to switch to clipless pedals after riding various Sportives over the last 2 years in flat shoes.

I purchased Garmin Vector 2 pedals 8 months ago but am finding them very difficult to unclip even at the lowest tension setting. This is using the included Garmin red 6 degree float cleats.
Have just had a bike fit and he has set up the bike and Shimano road shoes / Garmin cleats.
Practicing unclipping a lot on the indoor trainer.

I’ve just purchased Look Keo Classic 3 pedals which I can unclip easily when set to the lowest tension.
They are advertised as adjustable between 8 and 12 degrees of float (?release tension?).
Obviously worried that any new power meter pedals I get would be dangerous if I was unable to unclip outdoors.
Thanks for any advice.

I don’t have any experience here but I hope this comment will bump up your thread and grab some attention from people who do :+1: .

I have the same problem; I have difficulty releasing my cleats from my Assioma pedals. My feet point outward (duck-footed) and that may be part of the problem. With the floating cleats (6 or 9 degree float) that came with the pedals I would need to twist my foot outward about 45 degrees to release from the pedal, something I can’t do while on the bike. This is a safety hazard. I purchased 0-degree float Keo cleats (black) and that helped significantly but I still lack confidence using this pedal/cleat combination, eventhough they are adjusted for minimum release pressure. I have used either SPD or Look-style pedals for years and have never had this type of problem. I looked at several very positive reviews of the Assioma pedals before I purchased mine, but based on my experience I would not recommend thesed pedals at this time.