Favero Assioma and Cleats

GPLama did a youtube video on what cleats work best with what pedals. I was surprised to see him give a big thumbs up to Favero pedals and Look Keo Grip Cleats. Mine at the 9 degree (red) and they don’t engage well at all. Zero snap. He was using 6 degree (grey), but I wouldn’t think that would make the difference.

Has anyone else had a similar experience or something different? The only cleats I’ve found that work well with Favero pedals are the ones that came with it (can’t remember the name), but they are slick as ice and I don’t like them at all.

I use the Keo Grey cleats without any problems.


Editing - several days later - thought I had Keo red but they are grey

I use the keo grey without a problem as well - I have the Assioma cleats on another pair of shoes and I really can’t tell a difference

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Similar results as you - My Look Keo cleats (red, non grip) gave a very subpar experience. They clipped in OK. but were particularly difficult to clip out, like almost impossible. This year is my 35th anniversary of using Look clipless pedals and I had never experienced anything close to this.

After watching the GPLama video I decided to try the Expedo cleats that came with the Assiomas. Instant night and day improvement. The Assiomas went from the worst clipless pedals I had ever used to on par with the best.

The Keo cleats I used were worn and due for replacement so maybe that was the cause of my trouble but they were working just fine in my Keo pedals before I switched pedals.

I use Keo grey, no problems

Thank you very much for the responses. Sort of weird though. Red works for Mike, but not for STP or me. Grey seems to work for everyone.

@STP - My experience is identical to yours. All my KEO cleats work perfectly with KEO pedals as I guess they should. It is when I try to use them with the Favero’s is where things get different.

I guess I need to try some Keo Look Grip Greys. It just seems so odd to me that the float could make that much difference in the fit, but I guess I’ll find out. Thanks again.

IIRC, Favero ended up swapping the springs to a lighter force range due to some complaints that the release was too stiff, even when set fully loose. I think the black springs are the newer, lighter force ones vs the silver black ones.

Either way, I mention it since this single factor could relate to some of the different experiences.

ETA: (I changed the colors above to match the hit from this page.)

The Favero Assioma Replacement Pedal Body is a direct replacement for the ones on your Favero Assioma power meter pedals. These pedal bodies feature improved aesthetics and the upgraded black spring that Favero released in mid-2019.

The new spring has a wider release torque tension. Specifically, the spring’s release torque tension range is from 8Nm to 20Nm (vs. 11Nm to 20Nm in the old pedal bodies). This wider range allows for lower release tension which makes the pedals easier to clip in and out of.

Considering the fact that the change only seems to apply at the lower release forces, it might not be a difference here for people that are using middle to higher forces. But may apply for those at the lowest tension for each spring design.


I have 2021 pedals so I think I have the new spring. My problem with red Keo cleats was not just that the release was hard, even with the tension backed all the way off, but more that the float was so great that I had to get my foot practically perpendicular to the pedal to get it to release. It was physically difficult to generate enough force in that position. I never had that problem with Look pedals with the same cleat positions.

Again, my Keo cleats were worn (past the wear indicators) and I really think that has something to do with it. This level of wear did not affect my Look pedals but the Assioma’s may be just enough different that they can’t handle the same level of wear on a Keo cleat that an actual Look Keo pedal can handle.

New Expedo cleats totally changed the pedal experience. I had to tighten up the release spring setting and they work great. I kind of think new Keo reds would work too but the Assioma’s seem much less tolerant of wear on the Keo reds.

I have only used the Xpedos (red with the gray non-slip strips) and find that they work fine and are not difficult to walk with. I do tend to go through a couple of sets a year, but that is a small price to pay for power pedals that work so well!

My preference is for the Xpedo red cleats as they release easier than the KEO grey cleats with the original springs

I’m also running keo grey, I actually prefer the engagement to the look pedals and there is a bit more float but the clip out is harder but ok. Given that, keo red could be a handful given yet more float plus that firm release tension.

This is why video is a great way to show things in action. That combination worked for me, so that shouldn’t be a surprise… :man_shrugging:t2:

Since making that video I’ve had a lot of people say the cleat/pedal engagement with the Look Keo (and all the third party not-really-look-but-lets-call-them-look-and-make-them-just-a-little-different cleats) is also influenced by the shoe used. I assume the cleat distorts when bolted down on different shoes. I run 43/44 so pretty standard. Another reason to like SPD-SL cleats over these Look Keo. I’ve never heard of anyone having cleat issues with SPD-SL.

If only there were better options for SPD-SL pedal power. The Rally RS comes close.


I swapped the original Xpedo red cleats for Keo reds, to increase the float. Clip-in is a bit subdued, need to push more, click is not as crisp; clip-out is fine (late-version pedals with the lighter springs, removed some tension from the middle-of-the-range default setting). I’m used to lots of float from Speedplays, and I’m ok with this setup. But I can see how some may feel uncomfortable with the mushy clip-in feeling. I got used to it.

I use the Red Keo’s with an early 2018 set of Assiomas and have no complaints. Release is still pretty stiff compared to any other pedals I’ve used, but I’ve long since gotten used to it.

I use the forerunner Favero Be Pro S and with original look cleats I have to trim them down on the side so they don’t touch the power pods. When they stop working I’ll replace them with the Assiomas but the Shi version. So I don’t have multiple cleat systems anymore.

I have switched to Faveros just recently and I am still trying to figure out the best cleat setting as my left knee is not happy yet :wink:
Does anyone know the pivot floating point of xpedo cleats?

I was riding yellow Shimano SPD-SL until switching and I am wondering if I need the floating at the top of the shoe rather at the end of the shoe as shown here:

I think they are the same as Look but not identical. For my Favero Be Pro S, I had to shave slightly the side of a Look so that it didn’t rub against the pod.

Look or look based cleats pivot in the same way as the Shimano blue cleat, the front rotates only, it doesn’t actually move like the Shimano yellow cleat does.

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Look keo grey.

Had to mess with the spring adjustment a few times but otherwise zero problems. When they wear out I’ll use the xpedos only because I have them. But they shouldn’t be an issue.

I did read many forums about this specific issue before I bought my Assiomas but have had 0 issues.

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Same for me. Grey Look Keo cleats with no issues. Float is 4.5 degrees.