Favero Assioma Duo vs Powertap P2

I’m in between these two power-meters, I was wondering if anyone had any negative/positive experiences with their warranty or customer support(preferably in EU)? Or any suggestions towards one of them?

I can’t speak to the P2’s but I have used the Assioma’s for almost a year now. The issues that I hear most often are 1) cleats are tight so releasing them is difficult. This is true but can be addressed (loosen fully, oil the spring, click in and out a lot). I had this issue but now they just feel like regular pedals. 2) the right pedal stays on/drains/won’t go to sleep when not in use. I do have this one pop up occasionally. The good news is if it catches me by surprise I can switch the pedals to 1 side only and still get good power/TSS data for the ride. The other good news is that for the 200 or so rides I’be done with them this has happened 1 time where the right pedal was just dead. Others may have seen it more.

For the price I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again.

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I own both the Duo’s and a pair of the first gen PowerTap pedals and I don’t think you can go wrong with either option. I’ve never doubted the power readings from either, which I think is the most important. I had some problems with my original Garmin Vectors and it took some time to learn when you needed to stop and just pull the batteries and reset them. I had even more problems with a pair of Vector 3’s that I tried at the same time as the Duo’s. The reason I switched from the PowerTaps to the Duo’s is that I wanted to get my wife off my old Vector 1s and I decided to try something different.

I’ve had the Duo’s since may and have used them on my road and gravel bike, indoors and outside and have not had any issues thus far. Firmware upgrade went smoothly, and bringing them out of travel mode also worked (remember you need the charger).

I used the PowerTap pedals between a couple of different bikes over the ~3 years I had them. I had an earlier version of the battery cap and eventually stripped it, so I sent it in for replacement. While there I had them replace the bearings as well as they said they were starting to show some signs of wear. This was last fall before Saris sold PowerTap to Quarq.

If you have not read it yet, DC RainMaker has a detailed write-up comparing the PowerTap, Duo’s and Vector 3’s.

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First generation P1 for me. They have been solid as a rock. Should probably send them in for servicing, but can’t break away from them.

That said, with the price difference and aesthetics, if I was looking today I would get the Faveros.

I love my Assioma Faveros. I haven’t had any issues with them… only wish they were spd-sl.

NOTE: Favero have fixed the over-tight spring issue on the latest version (I have the updated version). It appears they’ve switched the spring they’re using. Shane Miller mentions this in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgUkFZd-rMM

Thank you all for replies but I was actually curious about after sales support of the companies because DC Rainmaker says about Favero:

I’ve seen some cases where their support can be fishy on warranty claims, usually pushing back a bit harder solves it – but it’s a notable trend.

This is the only thing stops me buying Favero right now.

I have a pair of Powertap P1’s, and wouldn’t buy them again.
I’ve had intermittent issues with them (pedal will power off mid ride, and then not wake up for 5+ minutes unless I unscrew the battery cap, take the battery out, and then screw it back in). Doesn’t happen often, but enough to be really annoying when it does. They’re also really bad about falling asleep at a stop and then never waking up again (particularly obnoxious for short efforts like track races).
Those seem like weird issues outside the normal operation, but when I tried to get warranty service (note: from SRAM, not PowerTap, since SRAM bought them and handles all warranty service now), they had me send them in, tested them, said they were calibrated within their normal standards and couldn’t do anything for me.
Just a real bummer, as when they work I really like them, and to replace them I’m either looking at the Faveros, or buying power meters for the four different bikes I currently swap these pedals between.

I’d push SRAM harder. Sometime it takes a little elbow grease and follow through.

If you’re doing it just through email, I’d also advise calling, because I’ve also found that to work more effectively for some reason.

The P2 were/are a less than notable rehash of a years old product. Sure they work, and work well. They’re also years old and the brand/support has recently been sold/handballed over to SRAM.

P1/P2 at a killer price. Favero otherwise.

RE: Support issues. I haven’t heard of many people having dramas with Favero. Trawling forums for long enough you’ll find the worst of every brand, and enough pissed off edge case users to never want to buy anything ever again.

Purchase from a reputable retailer. Warranty exists for a reason.

I’ve just bought Assioma Uno, will update the the topic depending on my experience. Thanks everyone for inputs!

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I have the Assioma Duo. Great pedal. Not had a single problem with them.

Yep, all the new Faveros now have black springs instead of silver ones. The black springs, which are still adjustable, have a lower tension than the silver ones making them easier to clip in and out of.

Just be aware though that there are probably still plenty of the older silver spring versions out there. Check before you buy.

I would also add that the Favero Duo have Bluetooth capability for separate left pedal and right pedal power at least with TrainerRoad. The P2’s don’t do this. When my Ant+ enabled tablet stopped working with Ant+ I was left with only left pedal x2 for power (on my P2’s) with my still Bluetooth enabled tablet.

I haven’t checked to see if my Wahoo Bolt will allow separate left pedal and right pedal power via Bluetooth but I bet someone on this forum (hint @GPLama) knows the answer. :slight_smile:

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I have both - numbers are great for both - I have over 20000 miles on the assioma duo’s with no issues. Have been exactly what you expect - turn the pedals, zero and ride - the P2’s have been the same - I use them on a TT bike and training - the profile makes them a little harder sell if you crit race as they will get scratched because of the larger profile.

What’s the verdict so far?

I’m really happy with it so far no problems but if budget allows I would go for the Duo.

Nice - put in an order in for the Duo’s! ALwasy been fine with single side, but figure the price is right and why not.

FWIW. I have had the P2’s for about 2 years and use them every ride and have no issues every time they get “funky” I change the batteries and they are fixed. I have read and heard great things about the assioma pedals from most except my closest friend who had one of the first sets. He has had a LOT of problems and in the last week one pedal just completely die and is having issues with customer service…

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Got my Duo’s over the weekend - so far so good - interesting note is I put them on my old bike to test against my Rotor inpower left arm and found they run 10-15 watts lower… so lower FTP now :unamused:

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Same ftp, different number :wink: