Which power pedals to buy now...? (UK)


So I have some BePro pedals. Have had them ages, they’ve been mostly fine but a bit flakey sometimes. I’m thinking of replacing them. My options are:

Garmin Vector 3 for £500
Favero Assioma for £560

The Vectors have obviously been superceded by Rally, but they’re at least £750 and don’t seem to be much better than Vectors. If Favero bring out a successor to the Assiomas then, well I can’t think of anything huge that they could improve… and I doubt that would push prices down further.

I’m leaning slightly towards the Vectors…anyone got any strong opinions or insight as to what’s likely to be around the corner? Thanks!

I am also running the BeProS in the UK but given my experience of Favero when I eventually replace them it’ll be with the Assimoa or maybe Assimoa Shi, I’ve heard about and known a few folks who have had problems with the Vectors.

I recently bought the Assioma’s (alongside a number of friends) and we are all very impressed by them.

Another friend lightly uses Garmin and has no complaints, but my money would go to the Assioma’s if I were to buy again.

I’ve got an Assioma Uno, no quibbles from me at all.

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I owned a set of Garmin Vector pedals and after multiple issues with the batteries returned them. Purchased a set of Assioma duos and have been super happy with them (zero issues after ~15,000kms worth of use).

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I purchased a set of Assioma duos and have had zero issues, they just work.


Love my Assioma’s. Would definitely buy again.

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Another happy Favero user here but £500 for the vectors is a pretty good deal - and I have to admit they do look nicer :thinking:

Everyone loves Assioma. I could not get used to them after using SPDSL. Not so much the clip in/out but the crazy spinning they do made me very nervous when clipping in at stop lights. I’m in a heavy traffic area.

They are def considered the #1 power meter pedal though.

I’m on year 3 with my Garmin Vectors. I think those that suffered with the faulty battery doors, before the problem was corrected, have permanently soured on Garmin and it gives the pedals a bad rep. But mine have never had an issue and I see no reason to ever change. Also no reason to go to the new Rally’s if you can find Vectors cheaper since it’s pretty much the same pedal, different name. Can even move the Vector internals to the new mtb Rally pedal bodies if that was something your into. Assioma’s are fuggly.

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100% agree with this.

I was an early adopter of the original Vectors and run Vector 3s on my turbo and road bike. I’ve had zero problems with them.

Assioma… I’ve got Vector 3’s and Assioma. My go to pedal if I want to swap between bikes like last night when I went to the velodrome is the Assioma… swapped in under 5 minutes, accurate to within 1% of my Powertap wheel and faultless despite me not being kind to them and using them off road, plastered in mud and soaked in water.
Battery lasts about 6 weeks between charging at about 200 miles a week of usage.
App is simple to use to update or change crank length to 165mm for TT bikes.

Has anyone considered or experienced second hand power pedals? I’ve seen what looks like good condition dual sided vector 3 pedals for £250

Honestly, I wouldn’t touch any power meter pedals without warranty unless they are cheap enough to risk losing your money.


Just avoid the Powertaps…I’ve had so many issues including a costly rebuild just after warranty expiry and they still couldnt fix all the issues. Even the retailer (the Powertap service centre) told me to ditch them and get Assioma

My assioma duo have never had single issue, highly recommended. Power meters are the one thing I’d never personally buy second hand (i.e. No warranty)

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Another happy Assioma Duo owner here. But I’m also biased, I don’t think I’ll ever buy another Garmin device.

I can’t wait to check out Wahoo’s Speedplay Powrlink.

One more recommendation for Assioma Duo. I’ve been using them on my road and gravel bike, indoors and outdoors since 2019. In that time they have done ~800 hours of riding time. No hiccups, no problems whatsoever.

I went for Favero even though I am a Garmin fanboy - at the time of purchase I quite litereally did not know anyone with a pair of vector 3 that didnt have neverending issues with the battery door.

I agree with the comment above though that the latest (4th,5th,6th?) version of the door seems solid and the same people who used to have issues no longer do.

Favero Shimano is out and cheaper than assiomas but it looks like you need pedalen bodies