Assioma options for 2022 ? Mine have failed

I am aware there are several threads discussing Assioma pedals but I specifically wanted to address durability and find out if anyone else is experiencing similar issues. I purchased a set of Duo’s approx 3 years ago and they were fanatstic until they weren’t. I love the fact that you can switch them from bike to bike with ease, they seem to be fairly accurate, and battery life is amazing. At just under 2 years (within warranty) the right pedal failed and it was replaced under warranty. Now a year later and only a few days ago they stopped transmitting power data almost completely. Yesterday’s 6 hr ride showed I burned 46 kJ and my average power was under 10 watts. In addition a few weeks ago my left /right balance went wackadoo. I am and have been for years fairly even at 49/51ish with slight fluctuations. Prior to them failing it began reading +/- 10-15 points variance. I will be reaching out to support later today but am hesitant to purchase another pair given that the warranty pedal is just at a year old and has basically failed. Both pedals and my Garmin Edge 830 head unit are fully charged and have the latest software updates installed. I have also tried uninstalling/reinstalling them on my head unit and done a static weight test.

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Maybe completely irrelevant but my older Be Pro S started behaving like what I think you are describing. Whatever had changed in my set up caused my foot to move an extra mm too close to the power pod and I had to shave my cleat slightly to get that mm back.


Just been through the warranty process as my 18 month old pedals started to spit out curious figures too.
favero were excellent, agreeing to supply replacements, which arrived promptly are now fitted and sll seems normal again.

I do agree that the price vs longevity of use is concerning…can i justify £600 every 2 years…hmmm?
Think i might be trying either Garmins or new Wahoo pedals instead.

A statement from Favero on why the pedals are failing and how theyve improved the life of the pedals would be good move…imho.

I bought Assioma Duo Pedals back in 2019. They’ve seen heavy use both during the winter training seasons and through a cross country trip in all sorts of weather. Still going strong. I wonder if more recently they’ve changed suppliers for a critical component.

My pedals were replace twice during warranty for the issue you described… they are currently holding on a year after their last replacement.

I’ve bought a new pair for another bike - they really are great when they work.

Watch out for the extended warranty on the favero website. I missed out but a couple of times a year Favero will extend your warranty for €50 - I’ll be trying to do that with my new pair if I get the chance.

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Update on pedals. After several emails and test rides including some short sprints per request from Favero (they have remote diagnosis ability) it was determined that both pedals have indeed failed. The option they offered me was to replace both spindles for the cost of one which I think is fair. The one warranty pedal was replaced under 2 years ago so they are basically honoring the 2 year on the replacment. It seems I maybe harder on power meters than others and have come to the conclusion that I may just have to purchase new ones every 2-3 years. In the scope of things compared to other cycling costs 700ish dollars within that time frame isn’t crazy but it hurts a little. After going through all the current reviews online of what is currently available I have decided to stick with Favero. There just isn’t anything else available in the same price range that I can easily switch between bikes. FYI i just noticed on their website they are offering an additional 1 year warranty (from 2-3 years) for approx 100.00 extra.

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Just had this through on email…