Favero Assioma Duo Power Pedals - No Cycling Dynamics for Wahoo Head Units?


I’m looking to buy some power pedals but I’ve read that the Favero Assioma Duo’s have no cycling dynamics for Wahoo head units? What does that mean? Are these still a good buy for Wahoo users?


You’ll get Power, Cadence, L/R balance on a Wahoo head unit… but no Cycling Dynamics like Seated/Standing Position or Power Phase data. The Assioma don’t implement the Platform Center Offset feature of CD.


Thank you, not too fussed about that data then. So long I can see my power + L/R balance that’s enough!

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You will also see pedal smoothness and torque efficiency numbers on ELEMNT, just not the ‘real’ IAV stuff like power phase and seated v standing as @GPLama says. Indeed, Assioma doesn’t show offset, but that’s because it’s not implemented so it won’t show up on a Garmin head unit either.