Favero Assioma Power Phase data

Hi there,

I just got a pair of the Favero Assioma DUO. They seem to be very accurate to me - very happy about this and I’m confident that it will help me to keep an eye on the intensity of my outdoor ride.

However, I would like to analyze me pedalstroke a bit further. That’s why I got the DUO instead of the UNO. Since I’m using a Wahoo Elmnt head unit, I can only retrieve advanced data for torque efficiency and right / left balance. What I’d be very interested in is the power phase data. From what I understood the Assioma is generating this data. However Wahoo is not able to capture it. At least that’s my understanding.

Does anyone know how I get the power phase data from the Assioma pedals recorded? Preferably via an android app, because I don’t want to buy any further equipment only to retrieve this data.



I think I’m correct in saying that only Garmin head units can retrieve this data at present.

Garmin have opened up the standard but nobody has implemented it.

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Hi Kev,

thanks for your help! From the hour I invested to search the web on this topic, I came up with the same result. Only Garmin implemented the FULL set of metrics from their new standard. But a couple of other vendors implemented it partially. My wahoo allready shows some of them.

From my understanding Favero e.g. has been implemented everything but the positioning metric that tells on which part of the pedal you’re pushing. I also found some screen shots showing pedal phase data from a Favero Assioma - at least it looked like this. I looking for a way to collect this data. It doesn’t need to be displayed an the head unit. Post workout is fair enough. Sorry, I might have been not very clear about this.



No problem.

But to my knowledge there is currently no method to retrieve any cycling dynamics data from favero pedals other than connecting them to a Garmin head unit - even just for post workout analysis.

The L/R balance, smoothness and torque effectiveness you see on your wahoo is part of the standard (non dynamics) data.

Somebody somewhere might have built a 3rd party app to record it but I don’t know of one.

The favero pedals don’t actually even seem to broadcast the extra cycling dynamics stuff unless you connect it to a compatible head unit.

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For what its worth you really aren’t missing out on much!!!

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Really appriciate your detailed help, thanks! I also just learned that torque effectiveness and so on are part of the regular standard. Wanted to edit my last post, but you were faster…:slight_smile: I’m about to give up now - and maybe I’ll borrow a garmin from a friend for a ride or two.

Just trying to dig deeper in this issue, because my values for effectiveness etc. seem to be very bad - out of the “regular” range. I added a couple of short and easy workouts where I focus on cadance and smoothness, single leg drills and so on. I’ve been a bit sloppy on that. Don’t tell coach Chad…:slight_smile:

Again, thanks for your patient help!

FWIW, here’s what the analyses look like on Garmin Connect. The website is similar with a few more graphs for Power Phase Start and End versus time.

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I believe you can get the pedalling metrics if you have WKO or Golden Cheetah.

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I think you still need an app or head unit that will record them, though.

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It worked with a FIT file I recorded on my Bolt. Can’t find the screenshots right now, but a friend with Golden Cheetah did them for me.


Here’s a screenshot of what you get from Golden Cheetah, from a Wahoo Bolt FIT file. You’ll have to look up what GPAL etc mean, I’ve forgotten.

What I do remember is that Golden Cheetah is a pain to install and understand, and these charts had to be specially downloaded. So it can be done, but it’s far from plain sailing.

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Guys, that’s great! Opened a door to an entire new world… raw, raw data… :slight_smile:

Hope to find the time to get a little bit deeper into this. As of now I’ll try to fix this suspicious pedalstroke with the regular excersises. Hope that will work.

Thank you very much!


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Dear @rkoswald, please, what is the head unit you used to record it? I have Edge 520 and I don’t get these graphs for my Assioma Duo.
I believe the cycling dynamics is turned on.

@asjn, I have an Edge 830. According to the link below it should work on an 820. Ensure you pair the Assiomas via Ant+, not BLE.


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Thank you @rkoswald, my unit is 520. I Googled it and found: Cycling Dynamics for Assioma Power Meter Pedals Released, New Pedal Bodies Too | DC Rainmaker

It is quite confusing about 520, some reporting they have and others don’t.

I checked that I had Cycling Dynamics turned on, but have no extra data in addition to L/R Balance, Torque Effectiveness, and Pedal Smoothness.


I tested my Assiomas with my Edge 520 when I got them last week. I connected the pedals via ANT+ and enabled the Cycling Dynamics page (Menu, Settings, Activity Profiles, Data Screens). It looks something like this:

The PCO data is blank (Assiomas don’t report it), the rest works. I assume it also records, did not try it.

It is interesting, I don’t have all these readings. I had Cycling Dynamics enabled since before the last update from Assioma and Garmin.
I will try to disable and enable it again.
Could you tell me the current version of your 520 firmware and if it is not the 520 plus?

It’s not a Plus. I’ll find the firmware version. Ensure you are connected with ANT+, of course.

Forgot to mention, yes, I am using ANT+. Thanks.
My firmware is 13.20 and Garmin Express says it is up to date.


Turns out I was mistaken. The cycling dynamics page only shows the left and right power and total power. The power phase data is blank at the bottom of the screen, the graphs at the top are just the static no-data default. PCO gets reported as zero (you can actually see the number go from blank to zero as the pedals start reporting). Garmin Connect graphs power, L/R balance and cadence. But it also reports L/R TE (torque effectiveness) and L/R pedal smoothness for the ride in the data summary.