Wahoo Elemnt Bolt doesnt show Watts from Favero

I have purchased Favero Assioma Duo , paired it with Wahoo and went on. I have now covered abt 100km but from some reason Wahoo doesnt capture the Watts. While riding my bike it shows only cadence (RPM) but Watts remain at 0 . Not sure where the problem is. I have contacted both of Favero and Wahoo support but so far no resolution. Perhaps somene has had a similar issue in the past?
Thanks Jiri

Are you able to check the favero pedals with another device? A phone/tablet running TR for example?

Your 100km – outdoors or indoors? Zwift?
Are your connecting by ANT+?
Sounds like your pedals are connecting to another device rather than the Wahoo.

Have you downloaded the Favero app and made sure you have all the firmware updates?

Thanks guys for your follow up .It’s only outdoors but found the reason already .I haven’t done the calibration as I somehow thought it would be done automatically.Anyway it is now resolved and happy to see the wart figures and all the analysis linked to it;-) cheers

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With the forerunner (Favero Be Pros) there is two calibration Static and Dynamic. Static is the standards 0 offset (crank at 6pm) but if it gets stuck in Dynamic it’ll transmit 0watts. To get into Dynamic you back pedal (IIRC at 65rpm) and to get out of it you pedal a steady cadence (IIRC 75-85 rpm) until the head unit changes from 0 to actual readings. I’ve sometimes have to do the back pedaling again (start again) when it’s got stuck in Dynamic calibration. It might be the same for the Assimoas?

Juri, did you register your pedals / started warranty via Favero app on your phone? According to the manual, Assioma would not report power unless you register the pedals. This apparently is their way to enforce warranty start date. I have Assioma Duo, and it works very well with both, Wahoo Elemnt Bolt and Wahoo Elmnt Roam.

Hello ,
I think it is resolved now completely. The issue is I dindt do the manual calibration which is required. I somehow thought it would self calibrate.


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Thank you for sharing!