Viewing Assioma Duo Advanced Cycling Dynamics without a Head Unit

Hi all,

I have Assioma Duo’s and I’m wondering if there is anyway for me to view the Advanced Cycling Dynamics or review them after a ride somehow while on my Trainer. I have the Assioma app but it doesn’t show much there. It would be nice to have this data up while doing my workouts, even if on my phone leant up against my laptop etc. I haven’t been able to figure out how to view them at all.

Any insights?

Best, C

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Cyclemeter is a great app on iOS. Buddy I ride with uses the app with his Duos. Not sure if it’ll show what you want, but shows pretty much everything a head unit does.

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If you use a Garmin head unit, you can select Cycling Dynamics as a data field (full screen) and view it during the trainer session. Just have your head unit on and paired with the pedals during your session.

If you then save the session on your Garmin and sync it to Garmin connect, you can view it on your laptop/mobile.

Just wondering, how can this be done with a Wahoo, or can it not be done for the time being? I didn’t see Cycling Dynamics as one of the choices

Thanks, let me try that and see.

Just an FYI Favero support told me I could use Rouvy app to do this.

Hey did you manage to sort this out? I am in a similar position - just got the assioma duos, and do have a garmin 810 but it does not support the assioma dynamics. Just want to see my L/R balance as I’m working with some hip problems, and can’t figure out how to do it without a compatible head unit.

I have th Garmin an old 510. You can can configure the Training Pages to display L/R Power.

  1. Select Activity Pages (Thats the screwdriver and spanner)
  2. I Use Train (For training bike pages) Select Train
  3. Select Training Pages
  4. Select the Page you use for training.
  5. You get the Option off how many Display segments per page. I have 7.
  6. Hit the Tick to confirm your selection.
  7. You now have a display with 7 configuarable displays.
  8. Tap the display you wish to configure to Display L/R Balance
  9. You now get a listing of parameters that can be displayed, scroll down to power.
  10. Select Power and you will see Balance/ Balance 3 sec average… Pick the one you want and heho, Tick the arrow.

That will give you Balance

Cheers mate - unfortunately my 810 doesn’t support this, the L/R balance is blank. I guess it would work with vectors, but not the assiomas.

Might have a look at Rouvy like the OP suggests, you can get a free trial and their routes sound interesting.

I Have the Assioma Duo’s too. And it does display on the 510. The 810’s were a better version. I was cheapo … Now thinking 830.

Stupid question, does the display allow you to select a balance display?

Have you got updated software, on both Garmin and Pedals. I found that the Duo’s out the box needed me to update the software and then Update the Garmin on Connect.

You could e-mail Assioma, they would advise, they are very helpful. They even can tell you how many hours of use the pedals have done … I was surprised they could interogate the pedals remotely.