Cycling Dynamics for Favero Assioma's?

Favero Assioma’s now report Garmin’s Cycling Dynamics information after the latest Firmware update today (4.04)

Will the Cycling Dynamics information be available through Trainerroad as for Vector pedals?

It’s half ASSioma’ed… so to speak. Pedal Phase only, no PCO. So 1/2 the Cycling Dynamics standard.

@GPLama , have you ever replaced the pedal body on your as ASsiomas? If so was it difficult?

I struggle with the release tension being too high on mine, I have to get it in the correct postition and still may take more than one attempt. Favero have released a new pedal body with 8-20Nm tension that you can buy for 130Eur a pair.

Don’t mind the price for safety if it’s easily fittable. Can’t find any manuals on there website.

Yes. No problems.


Thanks as always.

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Will there be a video about your experience with this? I am curious about which applications will let me view the data. Thanks as always!

130 Eur a pair? I was interested in getting the new pedal body but not at that price.

Yep. Working on it now. Only covering Garmin Connect for the 'Hey, check this out… it’s cool… but 1/2 arsed… but still do the update" video I’m doing. Hope to get it out in the next few hours.

Favero are a great company. But I have to call out this 1/2 implementation as we’ve been waiting a LONG time for this and it’s NOT what people expected.

I’m also keen to know what other software will allow us to review the CD (or 1/2 CD) data.


130 Euros is crazy money for spare bodies from pedals that only cost 79 Euros new! (Xpedo Thrust NXL)

You don’t need any of that anyway.

Remove one of the springs from the existing body and you’re good to go. The axle slides out after loosening off the bolt on one end. Don’t pull it all the way out, remove the spring and then slide the axle back in and everything is much looser.



Are you using Xpedo or Look cleats? The Xpedo cleats are slightly thinner and feel normal to me. I got a pair of Look cleats and almost broke my ankle just trying to unclip!

It’s not clear from the thread so far. Will the portion of cycling dynamics they’ve implemented appear on the TR UI? Will it only work with an ANT+ connection or Bluetooth as well?

My take on the IAV Cycling Dynamics released today:

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Will give it a go next time I’m feeling mechanical. :+1:

We have not had the chance to test the Assiomas yet with CD, but if Favero followed the Cycling Dynamics protocol to the letter, it should be able to work with the existing implementation. Let us know it works for you :+1: .

Cycling Dynamics is only supported via iOS and ANT+ at this time.

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I’ve done this last week and finally release experience is a it should be.

Highly recommend this tweak.

Hi Bryce,

Is it likely that it will be released on the windows desktop app in the near future?

Cheers Scott


I was wondering that too! I might just have to do a test

Thanks for mentioning that it is only recorded on Garmin head units. I guess I will be waiting around for Wahoo to enable it. I have been rehabbing a hip injury and was curious about the different patterns for each leg.

We do not plan to bring Cycling Dynamics to the desktop versions :pensive: .

Sorry I don’t have better news for you.

Update: We have tested the new Assioma firmware in house with Cycling Dynamics on iOS/ANT+ and it works :+1: