Favero Assioma Replacement offer/recall?

I just an email from Favero with an offer to replace my 2 year old Assioma’s for free because of an unidentified quality issue. Its not really a recall but they say " Even though it is not necessary to withdraw the above-mentioned products as they fully meet the applicable safety standards, we want to **offer you the possibility to change yours for free." The email references my particular serial number but gives no indication of how widespread whatever the issue is.

I can’t find any info on this other than the email. Is this new or some old news I missed. Anyone know what’s up?

[edit - my Duo’s are 2 years old not 3 as erroneously stated initially]


I bought mine in September 2020, so 3 years ago but I didn’t receive any email.

I would accept the offer btw, it saves having to replace the bearings and maybe you get new (exte accessories like cleats and chargers)


Another example of Favero’s excellent customer service!


Why don’t you ask them what the issue is?

I just reported an issue with mine. They were able to inspect them remotely (the app collects the necessary data) and found some strange values. I was offered a free replacement ex shipping.

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That’s good, but I had pair that was probably 2019/2020 and I had to pay for replacements, so from my perspective, not as cool.

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I got the email too. I have a duo and only the left pedal is being replaced.

I have been having issues with the right pedal disconnecting. Hopefully it is actually an issue with the left, which acts as a beacon for the right one, and the replacement fixes it.

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Those who got the email - which Assioma pedals do you have? The Duo-Shi?

Duo Look in my case

I have the Uno and got the email. Went into app tonight and it’s bright red button having me start the replacement steps.

I need to figure out if they want me to deactivate my pedal before I receive the new one.


Interesting. Thanks for the details.

I have three sets of Duo here. No email though. :thinking: I’ll see what the app says…

Edit/Update: Three sets of Duo checked. No recall notification within the app. :ok_hand:t3:

Mine have been playing up. Just don’t have time to do all the testing.

I can confirm that you need to deactivate the pedals to kick off the replacement process. You won’t be able to use them anymore

Mine is from 2018, Uno Look, no notice.

I got the email - bought my Uno a year ago.

They really should have specificed what the issue was - having to deactivate my existing pedal before they ship a replacement is a hassle.

I asked them to clarify why I’d want a replacement, have yet to hear back.

You can be sure it’s a problem with the spindle because the pedal body and bearings are pretty easy (though not cheap) to replace

Those who got the email - which Assioma pedals do you have?


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You’re probably right. They just replied to my email and said something about a potential failure after the warranty expires. No details at all about the nature of the potential failure though.

Oh well. Will deactivate my pedal and ask for the replacement tonight. HR-based workouts for a couple weeks, I guess.

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I have a set of duos that I bout about 22 months ago. I did not receive the offer, but my right pedal stopped working about 2 months ago. No idea what the issue ultimately is, but Favero was very helpful in trouble shooting and eventually offered a replacement pedal (just have to pay shipping).

As a side note, my left pedal is still working great, so I’m running in UNO mode for now.

would be great to see a Lama youtube on this… i hate the idea of deactivating them and then waiting… and waiting for new ones to arrive. Favero seem very coy about it and this thread is the only one i can find online?

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I just accept the recall this morning (Left pedal from DUO). Garmin Edge 830 can link with de pedals again but doesnt show any metrics. So it is dead until I connect the new one. Hope they send me the good one ASAP (Im in CHILE). If someone have a tip for reading the right one, please share!