Favero assioma battery change

I bought my uno favero and after 2 years the battery is not holding up . How can I change the battery?

You can’t.

The batteries are potted in waterproof material along with the electronics inside the pod. They cannot be replaced. The pod and spindle can be, however. It is abnormal that the batteries don’t hold charge after 2 years. I’d recommend contacting Assioma support


Yea I’ve had mine for a year and a half and no problems with keeping charge for over a month at a time. What does “not holding up” mean?

It means that if I charge today I will work for 3 days and than I have to charge again


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I would reach out to Assioma, i don’t remember the warranty declaration, but I’ve had mine for 2 years now and mine hold up just fine. Maybe you have a bad one, or something. I will say, I don’t top mine off very often, only when needed…usually at least half way discharged…but would recharge before a big/important race/ride or something. Same with my Di2. Good luck, hate that!

I wonder if they’re somehow not going into sleep mode and constantly searching for signal or are stuck paired to a device. The lights should stop blinking after a few minutes sitting idle anyway even if I stop at a cafe they will go to sleep. Do your lights blink all the time?


I’d say that this is more likely a firmware glitch or a hardware fault. I believe favero state that the battery should be good for 10000 charge cycles or something silly.

Reach out to support but I’d try just resetting them and making sure they have the latest firmware first.


Touch wood my Favero Be Pro S still lasts for weeks after its charge and its probably similar technology thats in the Assiomoa’s; I reckon you’re right, definitely the first thing for the OP to do.

This is an old chat, but I’m experience the exact same issues. After about 4 days the right side pedal battery goes completely flat/dead. I’ve submitted a ticket to Assioma and working through it now. This looks to be a common issue after about 2 years.

I did a couple of times have one pedal go dead very quickly, but I think this was due it not shutting down properly. I have not had this issue with the last 2 firmware versions, both my issues were quite a while ago.
As I understand it, lithium ion batteries degrade faster when left very full or very empty. To attempt to maximize my Assioma battery lifetime, I only charge them when the get to about 1/3 charge. I do the same thing on my Fenix watch - don’t drain it all the way, but also don’t charge it about 80-90% unless I’m doing a big activity or will be away from the charger for a while.

Go on the website and they will trade for a new one . You will have to send some videos and do some tests and send to them .
It worked for me


Thanks I’m working through a ticket now with Assioma…

I’ve had this happen twice in the 4+ years I’ve had mine. The first time Favero provided me with a beta firmware to use within a day of contacting them and the second time I think I also did a firmware update to fix the issue–something got out of whack with just one pedal going dead right away after a charge both times. Those are the only problems I’ve had in all this time though, love my Favero’s. :smiley:

My left pedal is going dead from a fully charged to shutting completely down after 3 hours on the bike. I have placed a ticket with Assioma.

This has happened a couple times over the 3-4 years I’ve had mine. The first time Favero sent me a beta firmware fix and the second time I can’t remember exactly what fixed it, maybe another full charge. I think one of the pedals stays on and drains itself or something, but the Favero support was helpful so hopefully they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

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