Assioma duo - right pedal dying

Hey all.

I’ve been having issues for a while with my Assioma Duos (c. 1 year old). Between 30 and 90 minutes into a ride, my head unit (Wahoo Elemnt Roam) will stop displaying power and cadence. Further investigation shows the Wahoo is still recognising the Assiomas, but the lights on the right pedal have gone out. It hasn’t run out of battery.

At home, connecting the pedal to the power supply (for 10 seconds) will resolve the issue temporarily, but again, after 30 to 90 minutes of riding, the problem recurs.

I raised this with Favero, who told me to do a firmware reset with the right pedal, but no joy.

While I can still use them as an Uno (doubling the left power), this is clearly less than ideal.

Has anyone had this issue, and did it get resolved?

Sounds to me like you need a new one. I would think Favero would be able to make that happen (they did for me, slightly different issue: right pedal would cause calibration to fail).

Currently going backwards and forwards with Favero (essentially sending them videos confirming what I’m telling them). Fingers crossed they get it sorted or replaced.