Fatigue issues need advice

Greetings. Im new to structured training. Start using trainerroad early this year with FTP of 138 and im 64kg. Doing the MV plan. I was recovering well after the first SSBMV1 and improve my FTP to 186 (Entering the SSBMV2). During the first week i was able to go Vo2 max 5min x 4 session with no issues (200w) but as the workout goes by, I was grinding so bad in just 130-150watt that most of the workout i have to do i reduce the intensity.

Should i go for active recovery week? ( changing all my workout to 40-50% with no interval)
Should i take a day or 2 day off from riding?
Anyone else experience the same thing?

thank you.

Disclaimer: N=1, but was in similar situation, and here is what I did.

I started SSBMV1 with ftp of 140, got a 185 at the start of SSBMV2. I couldn’t do it either. I think the reason is that those base program don’t assume huge jump in ftp between them. Since we both have some noob gains, we increased way more than was planned.

I decided to restart SSBMV1 again with my new ftp, and it’s been working nicely. Following ftp was 190, and been able to do SSBMV2 well.

I think the base 1 → base 2 → build → … Progression is just an outline of a plan, you need to listen to your body.

For what it’s worth, if I see another big jump at the end of SSBMV2, i might restart base again. I dont see any shame in doing it again as long as I see improvements.

Hope this helps!

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I would lower the intensity…

Maybe you are one of the people who the ramp test over estimate?
120% will never be easy. And 5 min at 120% will be VERY hard by definition.

If you are newish to structure, the MV plans MAY not be the right thing. There has been people complaining the plans are “too” hard. And they might. I know they look hard…and I stay away from SSMV and SSHV plans…

even the SSLV 2 looks hard!

in any case…
try to lower the intensity and see if it work better that way

I would not worry about one workout, if your struggle for two or more then there’s a problem. One imperfect workout could just be a bad day.

Also, if you are grinding and using Erg mode, it maybe better to switch to resistance mode and simply push the power you can hold.