Fasting during Ramadan and Training

Thank you for this amazing platform!
I joined TrainerRoad almost a month ago, and i’m loving it. i started with sweetspot base 1 mid volume.

I will be fasting for a month during Ramadan month which around the corner, but i do want to continue training.
i was wondering if you have a recommendation on how can i keep fasting and being able to train without fading or losing fitness.

I live in Canada, so my window of eating will be limited between 8:30 pm to around 4:30-5 am, and would prefer to do my workout during the day.

I would really appreciate it to hear you opinion on the matter.

stay safe and stay healthy

I would recommend timing your workouts to finish near the time your eating window starts. That way you can replenish your energy stores after your workout. Training fasted should be no problem for the 60 minute workouts. Try the 90 minute workouts and see how it goes. If you fade you can always back off the intensity. Or knock those workouts down to the -1 or -2 versions during Ramadan if needed.


If you have troubles, consider taking a break from SSB and give traditional base 1 a try:


I get your logic here, but I think it would be incredibly tough to do workouts consistently after fasting so long during the day. My gut reaction would be to eat at the last possible moment in the AM and then schedule your workout accordingly, ideally ~2 hours later or so.

But maybe that would leave you too hungry for the remainder of the day? Dunno…hopefully some nutritional experts can weigh in here.

Good luck…that is a huge commitment and dedication. You have my respect!!

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I have had good success while fasting and training last year. I can eat between 730 pm and 6 am so slightly longer window than you.

I would recommend working out at night when you can actually eat. workouts are hard enough as it is, minus food and water would put you in a world of hurt (like even more hurt than TR hurt).

I was in the specialty phase last year and I would workout around 10 pm (roughly 2 and half hours after breaking fast). I would also have a pre-workout meal before the workout usually a bowl of oats and have another meal after. I know, 11 pm meals sounds pretty bad but you will need the calories if not you’ll be dropping some serious weight. I lost 3 kg during that month alone (weighing 63 kg at 167 cm).

I will be doing the build phase low volume right when fasting month is coming up so I will do the following:

  1. Break fast at 730 pm
  2. Eat 15 mins before workout
  3. Workout at 10 pm
  4. Second Meal after workout
  5. from 730 till 10 I’m pretty much constantly munching on food

I may or may not get up to have something to eat at 5 am but usually I don’t.

You will need to experiment. If you do wish to try working out during the day, keep it 45 minutes or less. Start with 30 mins easy workouts and see how it goes. I never tried a full blown 1 hour TR workout during the day, only short ones.

you could also shift your focus to maintenance rather than building fitness if its your first time through fasting month and training. For me, its a great time to build fitness as my food intake is exactly the same time and roughly the same amount every day for 30 days.

hope it helps.


You have my respect for training through Ramadan.

SSB Mid Volume 1 & 2 are five weeks of increasing stress then a week’s recovery. Depending on how far through MV1 you are maybe consider altering things to one week stress, one week recovery and repeat. I.e. original week 3, recovery week, original week 4, recovery week.

If you are close to the end of MV1 then I’d hold off starting MV2 as it’s a bit of a step up in terms of stress so repeat the last week or two of MV1. You’ll just get a bit more base work done which is no bad thing in itself.

Good luck!


No advice to offer here. Just joy and best wishes over your holy period. Your devotion and positivity will power you through :fist:


thanks bud for sharing the link. i appreciate it

Thank you Muzzaffar for sharing your experience.
it really helpful. cheers.

cheers @bobw. thanks for the advice and suggestion.

Good luck - that sounds so hard! Let us know how you get on.

Ramadan Mubarak!

I think the ideas presented above are genuinely not too bad. If I were in your position I would first consider reducing intensity and then try riding around 2hours after the AM meal.

I think the PM riding sounds okay but you need to consider you will probably be at peak dehydration then.

Ramadan Mubarak, Aniska.
I have been on TrainerRoad since February. My plan is sweet spot base, low volume. I was suppose to start the build phase next week but I think I will switch to traditional base for the month. I have found some of the muscular endurance workouts hard to get through. Without hydrating and eating as per normal, I don’t think I would be able to finish the workouts I have coming up. On top of that I still have to work 12 hour shifts, 3-4 days a week. Unless you have a specific event planned, which most are being cancelled right now, I would suggest decreasing intensity to avoid burnout. Let me know how things turn out.

Ramadan Mubarak to you.

The same question was asked on the podcast a few years ago (by me) . You can find the coaches response at just after the hour mark in episode 157


Slam, First of I want to wish you, Happy Ramadan Kareem, Also my God says to us in Ramadan we will do a Goodness, so my God gives us 70% Goodness.

I would do the workouts first thing in the morning as I never experienced it to be no problem doing 2ish hour sessions without fueling for them or without fueling on the bike.

During the earlier podcast episodes coach Chad states something similar. Though don’t ask me in which.

Also, if you search the forum, there are a few, some lengthy, posts on folks that have fasted for substantial periods and continued to train.