Fasted workouts during Traditional Base I

Hi All,

I am about to commence with traditional base medium volume plan. The first block’s workouts are chill workouts all with an IF less than .7 and the duration ranging from 1.5 to 2 hours long. I have done this block successfully the past two training seasons.

Last year, I performed the workouts in a fasted state (usually in the morning on waking) and accomplished them. So, I can do this, but the question I have is: should I do that?

Typically, if a workout is above .7 in IF I will make sure to eat prior the workout (not much necessarily just enough to kick-start things) and drink some sort of mix – I also keep gels and bananas on hand in the event I need to consume something more substantial. Generally, I just drink and rarely if at all need the solid(ish) food. If the workout’s IF is less than .7 I then consider it a candidate for performing in a fasted state and arm myself with just water and keep the gels and bananas close by (I can’t recall needing them ever).

Either way, the plan is to make sure my daily calorie balance is around even.


I think it’s entirely reasonable to do endurance work fasted. Feel it out; you can always fuel mid workout.

If I’m concerned about fueling going in to an early morning workout, overnight oats with everything inside ready to go has always been my choice. Super easy to prepare the night before.

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Doesn’t sound like an issue to me- trad base workouts are well suited to fasted riding. Strictly speaking, 1.5-2 hours multiple times a week is a lot more than is necessary/recommended for the adaptations from fasted riding to occur- but if it’s simply a preference/convenience thing I don’t think it will hurt. (Unless it starts to affect your performance/recovery, but it sounds like you’ve got a pretty good handle on that. :slight_smile: )

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I’m currently doing TB1 MV fasted. I’m midway through week 2. I’ve found it very easy so far… I don’t trust myself to be able to judge when the cost is outweighing the benefit, so as soon as the intensity/duration starts to feel hard I’m going to start eating again during all but the easiest rides.

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There’s no problem at all with this. I typically do fasted rides early afternoon without eating anything all day and then eat a shit ton afterwards. As long as you are getting enough protein for muscle recovery and enough carbs to replace most of what you burned you’re fine.

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