F*** you, Chad (ramp test tactics)

Just smashed my ramp test after finished SS Base 1 and about to start SS base 2, 24 watt increase. How did I do it? By repeating “F*** you, Chad” at each ramp stage. Try it, it works!


:rofl: Well done for your watts increase!
Except I think I will say “I love you, Chad” :kissing_heart: :crazy_face:


Thank you Lydia. I can say “I love you, Chad” now after that!

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Ha ,ha yes enjoy the success. Save the F*** you, Chad for when you get into the Build phase :weary: :hot_face:


Fank you Chad?

I think it’s spelled with a *Th

like this “Thank you, Chad” #thepowerofgratitude


This is why I test better when I am home alone. Saying it out loud makes you even stronger.


Yep this is the same concept as when you have an empty water bottle you slam it on the floor in anger and your RPE goes down significantly (I saw this technique from another thread).


I’ve felt the need to apologise to @chad in the past for the things I’ve said during some workouts.

Nowadays my trainer is in the house though (and there are kids about) so I’m more careful!

:rofl: :rofl:
Don’t worry. Chad will say “F U” right back once you start SSB2 with your 24w increase.

“And now settle back into the saddle”. WTF. I missed the bit where he told me to gently rise out of the saddle.
“Now focus on the push and pull with your right leg”. WTF. I’m simply trying to survive here man!

Fank you very much Chad! Fank you from the bottom of my heart!
In all sincerity, Thank you for pushing me.

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I experienced that today. Possibly the same workout (Tray Mountain): “C’mon, Chad. I’m just trying to hang on…”

Rossco, Chad is already getting his own back - Hunter-1 at the new FTP setting?! I’m sorry! Please forgive me!

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I very often find myself cursing at Chad in the middle of my Vo2max intervals… sometimes even in my recovery valleys, whenever chad says "feel free to bump up the next intervals by 3%-5%…
I have a Love-Hate relationship with Coach Chad. I can relate!