Extra training during sweetspot base

I’m on sweetspot base low volume just now, but feeling I could manage 2 90 min workouts instead of just one occasionally? Would this be ok to do or would it upset the weekly tss that increases weekly through out the plan to the point that I may be not progressing as I should ? Or just batter on and do more when I feel like it?

If you feel you can handle more TSS, but not more days, then there’s no problem raising a 60 min to a 90 min. Just make sure you ramp those workouts progressively week after week. If you have more time and/or days, you can always add endurance Z2 rides as long as they don’t come at the expense of your productivity of your normally scheduled TR plan.


Yeh, I usually have a 60 min on tues and thur with a 90 on a sat… but did a 90 on thurs and felt I could manage a 90 today no probs, but maybe not consistently each week… so tss would raise one week the pn go down another, which I thought may be counter productive .