Missing "Extend Workout" button (Free Ride)

Was it intentional that there is no “Extend Workout” button in Free Rides? I sometimes get on the bike for 45 mins then extend the workout a bit. Maybe it’s against the spirit of sticking to the plan but just wondering if there’s a way to add the “extend workout” button to Free rides. It would be nice to have that option regardless. Thanks!

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Might be a limit based on programming logic that is tied to Warmup and Cooldown function. Those are missing since the Free Rides have no actual WU/CD, just a work section.

Just a guess and hopefully a TR rep can clarify.

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Yes, also wonder if I can create a “Free Ride” workout in the workout creator and have the button. Hmmmm

Workout Creator might be the best start. I haven’t tried, but say you start with something like Taku, then remove or adjust the blocks you want, and it may maintain the WU/CD extend options. Worth a test at least.

I came here to post the same thing, so consider this my +1. That said I like Chad’s advice: I’ll just add Taku instead of Free Ride to my calendar, ignore the power targets and extend the cool down as long as I want (until the movie I’m watching is over :grinning:).


Ok I just checked again because other day there was “extend workout” button in a free ride. So, Free Rides 45 & 75 have the button while 30 and 60 don’t. I mean I have no idea why. :man_shrugging: Going forward I’ll just start with 45 and take it from there :sunglasses:

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Awesome! 90 doesn’t have it either. Thanks for the tip.

I have noticed this as well since I typically do a Free Ride when I’m doing a Zwift Race. Good to know about the 45/75 ones having it as the 60 and 90 I normally use don’t.

Just to add to this, this week I’ve done Lazy Mountain -1 (no extend button), this morning I did Recess -4, and it had “Extend Warmup” the whole way through. Workout “aims” and texts pretty much the same.

Personally, if it wasn’t a massive coding job, I’d prefer all to give me the option! If nothing else, I rely on outside entertainment (TV or podcasts) so often extend to finish an episode or catch the end of a race!

Same with Recess and no extend option if I recall correctly.

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I’d like to bump this thread and add a feature request to add extend cooldown option to all rides.
Dans and Lazy Mountain don’t have the option but it would be really great if they did.

  • Recess-4 doesn’t have one either.

Agreed, I’m not sure why it’s not included with all workouts.