Extend Warmup / Cooldown for Outdoor Rides [Feature Request]

I’ve been doing all of my workouts outdoors and almost always add additional Z2 before and after the interval work. Therefore, it would be nice to be able to extend the warmup and cooldown for outdoor rides similar to what’s available for indoor sessions.

Probably another feature that will be resolved when AT v2 is released but it’s been on my mind, so here we are :slight_smile:

Second this request, it’s about a 25-30 minute ride for me to a place I can do good outdoor intervals so would be nice to extend the warmup

I’m not how Garmin works. But with a Wahoo you can pause the workout near the end of the warmup which in effect extends it. The Wahoo keeps recording your ride in the background. Then when you’re ready unpause the workout which will continue the workout into the next interval.

Or just wait to start your workout till you get to where you want. Use the ride there as your warmup.

On my Wahoo Bolt, I can officially start a ride (not the TR outside workout) to record the time and power of me rolling out to my desired workout location.

Once I get to that spot, load the actual TR outside workout and execute it. This is the same effect to extending warmup but it is without the guidance of the WU power targets (questionable if that is really needed considering the use case here).

At the end, I can also use the ‘Resume’ to keep in the workout as it effectively extwnds the cool down. So, in a way this is already possible on Wahoo.

Yes, similar functionality on Garmin. I guess I was under the impression that in order to get PL credit for Endurance work, it would need to be reflected in the TR workout that’s being done outside.

Same on Garmin, start the ride and either:

  • load TR workout later
  • start TR workout and I believe the warmup requires a lap button push to move to intervals. And if warmup is timed (not lap button push), then you simply pause the workout and Garmin will keep recording.

That is expected to be handled in Workout Levels 2.0, which is being worked on for some time now.

For now, you could experiment in WorkoutCreator and add the extra time to the warmup and see if that changes PL. I suspect that right now it would only bump a Sweet Spot 4.0 to say 4.5, but not give endurance PL credit. But it would be a quick experiment if you have WorkoutCreator installed.


As @windwarrior has advised, those extra additions of endurance will be accounted for in Workout Levels V2, and will result in Progression Level changes and adaptations when merited.

In the meantime, @mcneese.chad’s instruction on how to manually ‘extend’ warmup time on your head unit applies, although I think your question is more about how to account for it in AT. I’ll be sure to provide updates on WLV2 as they become available.

An easy workaround if you know the additional time you’re adding is to find an endurance workout that matches your extra warmup/cooldown time total, and just mark it complete. @scottgo the workout Dans is a great one for your extra warmup to the interval spot! From the workout page, just filter endurance workouts and select the time you’d like.

If there’s a workout time you need that we dont yet have that’s close enough, let me know and I’ll see if we can build it for you.