Edit outdoor workout warmup length?

Is there a way to edit the outdoor workout that gets pushed to my Garmin to lengthen the warmup or make it until I hit the lap button vs the set warmup time before the party starts? Maybe I just use the recovery from the warmup block, before the intervals, to make that happen?

For our outside workouts, the standard configuration is to have an “open” interval leading into the main set.
What this means is that before your first real work interval, you will have to press the lap button to advance. This allows you time to go to a safe place where you can successful complete the intervals for your workout.

If a workout does not follow this configuration, please let us know and we will edit the workout to conform to this standard :+1:.


Noticed that this morning when I did Elwell. Worked perfectly! Thanks.

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Wouldn’t it be also nice to have a open interval before the warmup? Sometimes the warmup is not that easy to do either, for example a rising power warmup, could be easily interrupted by a stoplight.

Bryce, is this a newer starting protocol?

Last summer (2020) when I did my outdoor workouts, I just started the workout and it would work through the traditional warm ups on the workouts and then progress into the rest/intervals for the day without any button pressing.

I’m using a Wahoo ELEMNT if that makes a difference.

FYI, Bryce is no longer working at TR. @ IvyAudrian (without the space) is the new TR Community Manager, and the one to address now.

To your question, I think you want to wait to “start” the workout until you arrive at your desired location along your ride. But I have only done a few outside workouts and am not an expert on their use.

Wahoo and Garmin units handle things differently. See this post:

Basically Wahoo units just work their way through the workout while Garmin units require you to press the lap button after the warmup and before each interval if they are long steady state intervals. If the intervals are short then Garmin units work through each block before asking for another press of the lap button.


I’m using Garmin. I start my workout upon leaving the house. Warmup can be the prescribed length or an hour long if I want, the real work doesn’t begin until you press the lap button.

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Thanks for the update Chad, was unaware!

Looks like as @bobw mentioned, the Wahoo does what I experienced with the uploaded workouts.

It just runs it like it would in the app, warmup and all. No big deal for me, as I can just pause it if I need longer to get out of town, but I was just curious.

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Thanks for all the info here! I’m a Wahoo user but would be interested in the Garmin lap functionality to start the intervals. Anyone know if there are any plans to implement this feature on Wahoo?

Have you checked out these articles? The workout screen and fields we’re permitted within Wahoo aren’t exactly the same as Garmin and oftentimes, not within our control, unfortunately.