Experiences with Short Power Build (LV)

Hey all.

I’m on my final week of SSB 2 (LV) and I am planning to continue into Short Power Build (LV).

I play ice hockey (recreational) as my main sport and my intention with this plan is to help replicate those on ice game efforts: shorts shifts, maximum intensity, rinse and repeat. My hope is that this will not only improve my short power on the bike, but also benefit my skating. Since starting TR, I have seen an improvement in being able to maintain a higher skating intensity for longer periods of time.

I do have some concerns with this plan, though. Mainly that, would continual workouts of this nature lead to more fatigue? And ultimately skipped workouts as I’m trying to balance two sports? Our season is in full swing and this is my main priority. I should add that I just bike for fun and that TR is my way of also improving fitness so that I can enjoy those outdoor rides much more.

Users who have completed this plan: how was it for you? What were your experiences in terms of fatigue on your rest days? I don’t want my workout quality and hockey to suffer if I’m accumulating too much fatigue.