Experience with outside TR workouts and Garmin 935

Hi Everyone

I’m trying to set up outside workouts with my Garmin 935. My outside rides are exclusively MTB and I have a dock for my Garmin 935 on the handlebars. I use it either for mapping purposes or to display 2 fields: power and timer (I have a Gen3 Stages left-crank PM on my bike). Anything more than 2 data fields gets hard to see on the trails but an outside road ride on my MTB may allow more fields.

Does anyone have experience with this set up particularly with outside TR workouts (generally, not just in respect of data fields)? Do you have any recommendations based on this experience?

Also, probably a silly question but anyhow: is an outdoors TR workout necessarily a solo activity if you’re the only one doing the workout or is it possible be the only one doing the TR workout while in a no-drop road ride?


Yo Larrry, your post won’t die in oblivion.

I’m going for a similar setup. Will get back to you in a month or so.