Everest completed

Picked a pretty challenging hill (lots of turns, long descent) but didn’t want to get bored on a small patch of road so made a day of it.
I.M.E its more of a fueling challenge than anything else. Never done anything over 7 hours or climbed more than 11,000ft in a day. I fully accepted to crack and burn out but in all honesty it wasn’t as hard as I imagined in my head.

Drank 7 litres water
90g/carbs an hour
800mg sodium an hour
Ate 1200g carbs a day 2 days prior to event.


Amazing work, congratulations!


Big accomplishment, congrats. I like doing stupid stuff on the bike and I’ve considered trying this, but haven’t gotten the nerve yet.

Nice. It’s amazing how much carb loading can help on these long efforts.


Added 4lbs of normal body weight prior to the event but ended up weighing 10lbs less than when I started.


Nice job. Was the segment a consistent grade and how long was it?

I’m thinking of tackling an ever eating at some point and have a few possible climbs in mind. Have to decide how long and how steep to go

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: “ever eating”. That’s the best predictive text fail I’ve seen all year!
Evereating before everesting?


6.4 miles at 5.3%. 1850ft a climb, 0ft accrued on the way down. Highest gradient is 7%, lowest is 4%. Fluctuations are hardly noticeable. Required 0 vo2/anaerobic contribution and allowed for steady consistent efforts. Drawbacks were the curvy roads, and overall length of segment.

Picking a segment is the hardest part IMO.

Sure I could have found a 8% avg road that was 2 miles long with bumps up to 14%…but those get taxing quick. Plus boring as hell (IMO)

The monotony was broken in my segment from a literal 360 turn and some technical corners (which get interesting at hour 10…and when its dark haha)

Luckily I have a pretty high FTP so the math worked out (barely) finishing the last 1000ft just past sunset.


That’s an amazing effort, & thanks for all the tips! :brain: :muscle:

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Haha. Darn autocorrect. Though I guess the key to an everesting success is to be ever eating


I’ve got a 5.2 mile segment that is a consistent 6% grade. It would be about 17 laps. Maybe 35 min up and 10 min down each lap

There was an other I was thinking about since it just got fresh pavement. 1.6 miles at 6.3% (though it pitches up close to 9% in a couple spots. Shorter interval but also shorter times between said intervals. Decent would be easier since there are less curves

240 norm for 14 hours well done dude that’s a hell of a ride.



Good job and hell of an Accomplishment. Now do it in the snow to feel more like Everest :joy::joy:.

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I think a huge part of my success was not worrying so much about stopping. Im not paid to ride, it’s not a race, and i’m certainly not breaking a record. No need to have someone hand me a bottle while I chuck one to the side…just stop, reset your mind, hydrate, eat, and refocus. Hold a power target until it raises your RPE significantly to do so and just be vigilant on sustaining a 4-6 RPE no matter the number.

Oh and one more thing haha. Leave absolutely no option to sit, or lay down.


Awesome work!! 209 miles/752 TSS/240W NP is as impressive (or even more impressive!) than the elevation gain to me!! :exploding_head: :muscle: :muscle:


Friend of my has done an (failed) Everesting on this segment.


It’s a mtb/gravel climb and totally horrible. Rumps to nearly 33%. He managed 26 times…bless him. :joy:


Here’s a double Everest on an MTB lol

Also great work, that’s a crazy ride and it’s got me thinking about attempting it (but I’ll probably start with a half).


This is seriously impressive work :muscle:

209w average power for 14+ hours is outstanding! :clap:

I feel inspired, and am now contemplating a half Everesting (I have nowhere near your level of fitness) ! Regrettably the only decent hill for this type of effort in my area is super short - so multiple reps required - guess I need to start practicing!

Congratulations on a brilliant achievement :sunglasses: :star_struck: :clap:


Incredible job man, congratulations!

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