Everesting, my goal completed!

Couldn’t have done it without TrainerRoad!!


Top effort! Chapeau!

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Would have been a steep one based on 220km, post the Veloviewer profile if you would. Congratulations and well done.

(Mine was exactly 220km as well.)

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Congrats!!! Yes, more details please.

This monstrosity is one stupid thing, but I can’t seem to get it out of my head to try it. I am considering one real (an 1st attempt in my area) and one virtual (Alpe du Zwift). But they are really intimidating and love reading how people do with them.


Scenic caves road in collingwood Ontario. 2.3 km with an average gradient of 8.7%. I miscalculated, ended up doing 4 extra excruciatingly painful laps and ended up with almost 9800 meters of elevation gain


As a veteran of a failed attempt, I can offer this - your best chance of succeeding is finding a climb on the the right point between “so easy there isn’t enough vertical gain” and “so steep you keep going over threshold just to keep moving”.


I’ve seen the recommendation for around 7-8%, IIRC. I may need to alter my real because its below that and will require more time and mileage than may be practical.

But it’s also one of the most scenic roads in the US and it’s never been Everested (might be for good reason. :stuck_out_tongue: )

That is one reason I have been hesitant to jump in as well.

Very nice work! An Everesting attempt is on my bucket list. I love to read about attempts/successes by other like-minded fools. :wink:

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Top effort and welcome to the club! In my opinion that 8.7% gradient and 2km length is perfect - not long enough a descent to make you cold but good enough a gradient to gain some good verts!

Look forward to seeing more data!

Monster! Massive congrats! And some sort of writeup/deets once you shake off the comedown :sweat_smile:

Nice one!

I’m also in the “planning to try this but a bit scared” club.

Your review of the day will be really valuable

Well done!

I always feared not the challenge itself, but aftereffects of doing it. What body goes through. How long the recovery will take and stuff…

On my list nevertheless…

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:+1: Top effort, this is on my bucket list too. More detail please.

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Also always wanted to attempt this but what put me off was that the people I’ve seen do it around my parts were some sort of small time charity efforts with a group supporting them with food and water, taking it in turns to support.

That’s not really how I see me doing it, I just want it to be a personal challenge to see if I can do it as well as learning about how to fuel the effort myself, something I think would be valuable for perhaps attempting an ultra in the future.

Will be interesting to get the lowdown from Dylan if he’s up for it later :slight_smile:

My friend recently did his first everesting. He was on holiday with his family. He tucked his kids in, said bye to his wife and left in the middle of the night. No cheerleaders, no friends for company, just him and his bike and the glow of his light. After succeeding, he got back to their accommodation, got a quick pat on the back from his family, and continued on with his holiday.


Love that, exactly the sort of low key thing that appeals to me. Would love a secret support group on TR though. Knowing a bunch of guys were all going for it around the same time, either Everesting or vEveresting would probably get me through a tough moment. Maybe a group of guys here trying to get into the Hells500 club and get the jersey as a reward. Something like would add enough motivation to not bail.

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I’d be up for that!


Nice! Let’s see if the idea gets some traction, maybe we can get something going this summer :smiling_imp:

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I might be up to help with that. Along the lines of our Disaster day. Active thread, maybe Discord chat and such.


That’d be brilliant. Would get it moving for sure :grimacing:

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