Trained for last 18 weeks - hurricane Ian canceled event

My first post and I know my question is similar to some in the past but wanted to share how the best plans get disrupted. I thought this post would be about finishing the 200-mile Sea-2-Key (Ormond Beach to Cedar Key) next week. However, as you will read below, with the storm this week there is no event.

Background - last year I attempted the same ride after training on my own and having Covid. The morning of the ride it was 49F and raining - I had anticipated 85-90F and sun. I dropped out at 80 miles. My goal this year was to not let that happen again.

I was a little late to get started training this year (work/family), but started in late May. My plan was not working (am old “train for your first double century” I found online) so I shifted to TR around mid-July when I noted my approach was not making gains. As a huge fan of the podcast, I decided I had nothing to lose. I was also consuming a huge amount of the podcasts – most important being about carb intake and cramping. Finally, no cramps!!

Looking on the forums here I chose a build phase 2 MB and Specialty Century MV. I have diligently followed the plans - missing only a few days here and there.

Last Friday, Sept 23 (event minus 2 weeks), I caught an upper resp infection that knocked me down all of last week, and I was traveling at the same time. However, I managed two hotel bike rides for an hour and 1.5 hours respectively. Since I only had HR and no meaningful power I road them at 65-75% RPE. Then, the hurricane this week!! No training at all! I got power last night and am in a flooded area (Daytona Beach). The event for next Saturday (Oct 8) is canceled now. Thus, no 200-mile ride next Saturday.

HOWEVER - I am already registered for a Century on Oct 30 in Cocoa Beach, FL as I felt I would be well-trained after the 200 and it is a ride I have done before.

After this disruption I am looking for suggestions — I have 4 weeks until the Century. I have been training but lost a week (illness and storm). I can start again tomorrow. What should I do?

Start with another FTP test?
Or, just pick a plan — — if so what plan and where to start?


Go onto your plan and shift the event goal to the October one.

Basically you won’t be doing a whole lot more “work” in terms of building fitness, and I suspect you’ll repeat some Specialty weeks.

This is all assuming you’re healthy for it. I’ve had a few lately that I can’t shake and have found tempo a good place to start. (Hawk Mountain or something similar)


Perfect!! Thanks.

After a week of "forced rest and recovery, " I am ready to ride.

I just bought a power meter crank arm (was most cost-effective for me) and a new head unit too (landed on the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2) so I can monitor power outdoors. Ready to get out and ride and use the month of October to shift from “can I finish?” to “how well can I do?”

changing the plan now.

Good advice above but wanted to throw a shout out to the single track samurai. Not sure if you live in Florida but this guy hosts a few ultra gravel endurance events for cycling every year.

I’ve been wanting to do the kings road event since last year, but have other events on my mind. Either way if you’re in Florida and into gravel or not I thought I’d share his website.