Plan Selection for a 200km TTT

Hey everyone,

I’m really interested to get an idea of what users think the best training plan would be (12wk or 16wk) for a 200km TTT.
The route has rolling hills, long fast/flat sections, and tough climbs.

This is the route profile:

Most years the effort sits at roughly 0.76IF - 0.82IF (for me), so it’s a big day.
Cramps, salt stains, and tears (for some).

Sus Pb followed by century or gran Fondo I suspect. What does plan builder suggest?

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Pretty much that - just wondering if Century or Gran Fondo is sufficient given the distance of the event.

I guess it comes down to how you plan to ride it. I would say yes. Especially if you already have experience doing this.

Remember century plan is to gear you up for 160km. It’s not a massive stretch to extend that out to 200IMO. Gran Fondo might be a better match. Up to yourself.

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