Evening snacking

I used to struggle with a lot of this all the time, now I struggle with a smaller subset but still manage to do almost as much damage. I think I have the root cause nailed down but I have not found a solid answer yet.

#1 by a mile is my willpower and willingness to say F it and go for the hedonistic pleasure foods are massively impacted by how tired I am. If i start eating after 8 its never going to be because I am hungy, its going to be because I want the enjoyment of the food. There is no correlation with hunger, calorie intake, work load, etc. If i am over tired i am just way way more likely to say screw my long term goals I want a bowl of ice cream, and some chips, and some dip and before you know it its 3000 extra calories. Sometimes this would be okay, but the frequency is creeping up to more like weekly and that makes long term goal progress harder than it needs to be.

#2 is related to the first one, but I dont need to eat crap while watching TV. If i am going to eat some crap I dont need just because I enjoy it why am I doing it while watching tv and not even paying attention to the stuff I am eating. Absent minded TV eating is not worth the expense to my goals, adds a TON of calories, virtually no nutrition. This one has almost no redeeming qualities and just needs to go away. If i could just eat at the table and not eat while reading or watching TV i would eat less of the bad things and more of the good things almost by default. I am going to start to implement this one today and see what comes of it. The willpower one i have less ideas for.

If i could just not eat after 8pm except when out with friends for social events I would have met a ton of my goals years ago. I need to find a way to get 9am me to shout at 9pm me.


100 calorie bags of popcorn are your friend. High in fiber, very filling calorie for calorie. 1 not enough… pop in a second one. I eat pretty close to 1 bag per day, works for me to keep from binging at night.


Lots of good tips in here - will reiterate some, but these are my general go-to snack avoidance tips

Brush your teeth when you’re done eating for the day - doesn’t have to be immediately post meal, but it is a nice way to stop eating

Allow yourself a sweet of some sort if you have a sweet tooth. Find something healthy-ish, but make it something you really enjoy, moderation is better than abstaining entirely for most people

If you want a snack, no matter the time of day, focus on healthy snacks - grab an apple, a hard boiled egg, some greek yogurt, whatever strikes your fancy. There are plenty of healthy snacks that will fill you up

In the beginning, until these things become habits (say, 90 days) keep all of your temptation binge foods out of the house - if they aren’t within reach you can’t grab them


Excellent idea, I have some on the cupboard so I’ll be definitely including them now and again as a snack :+1:

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A lot of what you say I can relate too. If I’m overly tired and or stressed then I’ll just eat.
I’m focusing on getting the diet dieled in again and following tips in this post going to log calories every day and aim for one good day at a time.

These are great tips too :+1:

Trying to brake the habit over the next few months and re enforce a new one of eating what’s need to perform well, get fitter and still enjoy food. Finding the balance will be tough but I think I’m on the right mindset again to get over evening chocolate binges and get where I want to be both on the bike and in general life.

Focusing on sleep quality over the past week seems to have helped too and I’ve now started a new training plan which has taken all the stress and thinking away from how I’m going to train each day so I’m excited about this too and looking forward to hopefully getting some decent power increase over the next few months.


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My go-to through years of training was quick cook turkey steaks - not expensive, lean protein, very filling, happily take up flavours both sweet and savoury. Buy a big packet and cook some up, whenever want a snack grab one out the fridge. Few drops of chilli sauce for flavour, or home made teriyaki.

These days I have gone back to eating crap, have got fatter and generally don’t feel as good.


i think my evening snacking is the only thing keeping me from losing too much weight and wrecking my recovery


After logging calories for a few days im noticing that on training days I’m at a large deficit by the evening which will probably be a reason I’m reaching for junk food.
Planning snacks this week to keep on top of this deficit then after a week going to use all the information to figure out just how many calories I’m burning and how many I need to maintain or lose weight.


My only solution is to just not have the bad foods in the house so i can’t eat it.

When i’m really in the training zone i can resist the chocolate, crisps etc but recently been struggling to get back into the groove of training, so not having the food in the house doesn’t give me a choice haha

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I have realised that after counting calories for 4 months, that on my workout days I can eat a shitload of food… but it creates this false sense of security that you know what you’re putting in your mouth, and I realised that I have started snacking on rest days as well because I think “I probably have 400kcal left today”…

So for me snacking has become an issue because I lie to myself that I have caloric space for that, when I actually don’t.


I’ve had to make some pretty drastic changes this year (switched to a heart healthy and prediabetic diet oof). I’ve embraced the evening snacking by making air popped popcorn w/ seasonings for a savory snack. For sweet snacks, I’m drinking diet coke or eating Halo Top or a Costco Whey Protein bar/shake. I’ll also sometimes have 1 -2 hi chews or a couple tbsp of semisweet chocolate chips.

I generally make sure to stop eating about 90 minutes before bed and find that taking in approximately 350 calories through these sources allow me to manage my weight effectively. From mid November to February I went from 5’8" 164 to 150 and have leveled out at 151 - 152. If I’m not careful, about eating enough, I could drop under 150 relatively easily.

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I came here to suggest brushing your teeth. Glad someone hit it. This is an instant hunger killer for me for whatever reason.

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I’ve found that most times when I crave food, what I really need is water and salt.

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My evening go to is oatmeal with protein and peanut butter. I think having some carbs before bed is very important for proper sleep and recovery. The key is making sure it’s something non processed and not sugary, along with fitting it into your total daily intake.

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Not having things in the house is the best method for sure but with young children it’s sometimes hard not to have certain treats in but we slowly replacing the bad ones with healthier alternatives.

That’s another problem I face too. Feeling extra hungry on rest or lighter workout days. Think the solution is to still eat a decent amount of quality calories to help the recovery process a d give back to your body.



With the very important face that it has to be quality haha. My Choco Pops don’t qualify for that :joy:

A full grain toast with some ham and Dijon might work though :smirk:

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