Evening snacking

Start the day with porridge but could always end the day with it too :thinking:

Part boredom part habit now. I have a terrible sweet tooth which I try and satisfy with fruit.

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It’s where to find those extra calories without it becoming junk food. Maybe a good quality cerael?

yoghurt and fruit seems to do the trick for me

beer, butter, biscuits…the killer b’s

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some great books out there to help with recipes:

  • Anita Bean (general nutritional, she was UK natural body building champion)
  • Lim and Thomas (Feed Zone)
  • Alan Murchison (UK duathlete and Michelin starred chef)
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Do you think this may be part of the problem? You are too strict for a long period of time but when life stress gets introduced or something else rocks the boat then you fall off completely. I’m not saying this is it because I have no way of knowing but it’s something to think about. Maybe instead of just going between “I’m strict and don’t allow any junk” and “I can’t keep myself from eating junk”, if your tried to be strict most days but then have 2-3 times per week when you can let go a bit it may be easier to keep it going for longer.


Oh man. I do this too. I am sometimes quite disgusted with myself in the amount of junk food I eat, after my dinner.

I can eat fruit, but I’ll end up eating chocolate and crisps straight after.

What has worked for me previously, is committing to an eating window i.e. no eating after 8pm. I think I’ll try going back to that and brushing my teeth shortly after dinner.

I only want to lose another 2-3kg (currently at 87-88).

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Absolutely the same here. I need a fix :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I can vote only once to this!
When the hunger is serious a scoop of casein and some nuts / seeds it’s a killer! I sleep like a baby :baby:

You can also try to shorten the time before the meal and bedtime.

A bit more of healthy fat at dinner also helps (it slows digestion)

Someone already mentioned Greek Yogurt 0% fat. It’s been a go-to snack for the last 6 years.


I almost always have cake handy. So when a craving hits, I can take care of it.

And that way I can guilt myself into riding those miles later.

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So, it sounds like you aren’t eating enough.

If weight is not an issue, then I wouldn’t feel bad about a 4th meal.

My go-to evening snack has been Fage plain greek yogurt and some blueberries.

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Some good options here, but IMO this sounds like it has a mental aspect to it as well as a physical, so picking things that are satiating or nutrient-dense isn’t going to be much help if you don’t work on the habit itself.

One thing that I have found helps is asking yourself how you feel at the time. If you’re bored or you find your mind is elsewhere, it might help to change up what you’re doing in the evenings. Set aside some time for a hobby, read- anything that you enjoy or keeps you mentally occupied. If you’re stressed or upset, make an effort to reduce that where you can and/or figure out alternate coping mechanisms. If you feel like your evening snacking is not serving you on a nutritional basis, chances are it’s because it’s providing you with something else that could be addressed in a more productive way.


Some great advise here thanks. :+1:

So going forward I’ve started to put a bit of plan together following tips in this thread as well as information from other sources including the trainerroad podcast.

So starting now I’m going to.

  1. Weigh myself regularly, maybe 3-4 times per week to monitor daily fluctuations. And follow trends.

  2. Log calories in my fitness pal and increase or decrease calories to suit expenditure.

  3. Plan meals and snacks ahead of time.

  4. Only keep high quality foods in the house.

  5. Don’t eat in the kitchen. Make planed snack then leave kitchen to eat it. Don’t have snack while making snacks.

  6. Fuel the work on the bike.

  7. Enjoy some treats in moderation.

  8. Listen to body.

  9. Focus on hydration and drink less coffee.

  10. Focus on recovery.

  11. Strive for progress not perfection and make small lasting meaningful changes.

Think that’s it for now but sure I’ll think of some more.


amazing… i think i’ll do the same thing

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Yes, absolutely I think that is the problem. Should find balance instead of on/off model. So mostly healthy diet with some treats here and there.

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12: be kind to yourself when it doesn’t go as planned

All else sounds great!


I’ve found that a cup of hot chocolate is good. Its sweet and chocolate, and a whole cup of it, but is actually quite low in calories (probably depends which one you buy). Also the hot milky stuff helps with sleep.

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Ghirardelli sells dark chocolate in individually wrapped squares about 60 cal each.


Sorn great tips. Thanks everyone, looking forward to starting a new plan next week

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