Eurobike 2022 - what’s new?

Eurobike 2022, the largest cycling fare in the world kicks off today. For the first time it’s in Frankfurt am Main, so away from the Bodensee, into the city.
Last year‘s Eurobike has brought a myriad of new products, most famously of all the current Gen of Shimano Road groups.

I have not heard any news yet, but I am sure that’s not far away anymore, so just drop them into this thread and let’s discuss:

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german Program:

english Program:

Should be open already. I have seen loads of live streams for e-bikes but nothing else. Feels a little like an embargo, but how would that even work?

Not the Shimano update I was hoping for:

Some Garmin news:

New Lazer Lids:

Overpriced Pulley Wheelsytem for Off-Road:

FFWD wheels with classified hubs:


Hoping we see XT Di2 and the new Aspen. I’d also like to see the SRAM TwistLoc.

None of these things are assured at all to be at EuroBike though.

is there still an interbike? i thought that interbike went away a couple of years ago.

Interbike is dead.

The closest thing in the US now is the Sea Otter Classic.

Oh man Shane and Ray.

I’ve just watched your Eurobike Day 2 YT video.

There’s NO WAY you Shane are going to get your hands on their new Gardia R300 :smile::smile::smile::+1::+1::+1:

Keep up the great work gentlemen. It’s great to see you both together.

Love you guys.



Cheers! We’re having a ton of fun… some of it at the expense of Bryton who are now learning what happens when they put an interesting product (and glossy brochure) on full display. :wink:


Hahahaha :laughing:

Budget electronic MTB drivetrain, pretty cool assuming it’s reliable enough. Would be nice to more options other than the big S’es.


Very interesting. I’m not brave enough to be an early adopter on something like that, but it’ll be very interesting to see whether people can get it in hand and test it properly.

Likewise although considering it can use Shimano/SRAM cassettes one accident in the woods with XT then this would be a cheaper method of getting rolling again.

My big hope really is just broadening the market for other suppliers and innovation.

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Yeah, to be honest it looks good. I just would like to see it in action a bit more first. Same with the other wireless dropper from sea otter.

I’m hanging out for more Mountain Bike stuff that I assume is imminent.

XT Di2. SRAM TwistLoc. New Aspen. New Schwalbe tyres. There’s no availability on Schwalbe mountain bike tyres and it makes me hope that they are redoing them. I hope for (generous/genuine) 2.4" Racing Ray and Racing Ralph.

I also thought there might be more Rockshox suspension stuff for the XC crowd. Along the lines of flight attendant or ideally wireless remote lockout.

That looks interesting. I was just toying with the idea earlier this week of trying AXS on my mtb. After looking at the costs involved with it I decided to just stick with my cabled setup. But at that price and compatible with SRAM & Shimano I’lm going to keep an eye on this.

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A new indoor cycling app?

A 3D printed chamois was apparently debuted. I’m super interested in that! As I’m still searching for the holy grail 6+ years into serious cycling…

I don’t have any direct hopes for this year, but I hope SRAM will release NX Eagle AXS eTap next and pushes the price for electronic mountain bike groupsets down further. I hope that we will see 13-speed mountain bike groupset by SRAM. (I have heard no rumors, nor do I watch rumors, but Rotor and Campag have released 13-speed groupsets, and this is the natural evolution.)

There were sightings of a new AXS derailleur and cassette posted on MTBR. Looked like a step towards using the UDH more integrally. I haven’t seen any sign of 13 speed or NX AXS though.

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There is a new product similar to Tyrewiz presented, called AIRsistant :

with connectIQ datafield: