Eurobike 2019 Predictions

Its fun to speculate and with Eurobike is right around the corner does anyone have predictions as to what will be announced this year?

  • New Trainers (obvious one… any thoughts as to which manufacturer or possible new features)
  • Cycling Head Units
  • Wahoo/Sufferfest Update
  • Garmin/Tacx Update
  • TrainerRoad new feature/updates?

Link to summaries in post below.

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Wahoo is already teasing something along the lines of the “next step” or “next generation”, so they have something they think is big. It could be a smart bike that includes some motion (like the Climb) is my guess.

  • I just hope it’s bigger than their amazing color offering that went over like a lead balloon.

CycleOps seems poised to release one or two new trainers. I expect a revised H2 (H3?) and maybe a mid-level wheel-off to slot between the H3 and M2.

I doubt we will see anything from TR at Eurobike. They seem to skip most trade shows. However, I do expect the cat to be out of the bag on whatever magic they have been brewing, as we get into October/November and into the heavy start of Base season for many riders.

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Jonathan and I will be at Eurobike but we won’t be announcing anything. All magic is still brewing :smiley:.


I would hope they have learned their lesson in how to market an update/release… But I guess we shall see. I currently have a decent credit with Wahoo so may hold off a few weeks for the announcement.

Interesting :thinking:

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Notably, this is an uneducated guess from me.

  • But reading the tea leaves of comments over the last year on the forum, along with the few slips on the podcast…
  • then considering the impact of those hints and when it would make the most sense to help current TR users (and hopefully draw new ones)…
  • I think it is quite logical that they have a goal to hit the 2019 indoor training season with something BIG. Since that is around Oct/Nov for lots of Northern Hemisphere people, I think that timing would have the best reception.
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Before anything big launches you’ll see an updated mobile app.


Expect the new Trek Supercaliber to be announced. Its the 60mm travel XC bike that Yolanda Neff and some of the other Trek Factory riders have been on this season with the covered up rear shock.

Maybe Garmin Fenix 6 gets officially launched. It would be cool to see Garmin do something with Tacx integration but not sure what that would be.

Agree with new Hammer announment. Great deals on the H2 now.

Wahoo needs to do something to recover with the mess they made with the last Kickr.


Historically Fenix series have been announced/released at the start of the year… However, I guess that’s not to say it cant happen. I’ve been a long time fan of the series so an update would be nicely received. At least by me.

Mostly likely still too soon, but would be interesting if they redesigned the Taxc training software and somehow added some custom Garmin integrations.

Agreed - I’m an unfortunate victim… err, I mean consumer of the faulty unit. And currently on my third. If I wasn’t so heavily invested in the ecosystem I would have definitely opted for a refund.

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The Tacx Bike will finally have a ship date, even if its a long ways from now.

That being said, if Wahoo announces a bike, that will make things interesting.

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I just hope for a manufacturing design change to the 2018 Kickr that instills confidence again. I’ve been “ready” to buy another Kickr for a year now and at this point will need to hear that they’ve modified the 2018 design before pulling the trigger.


Wahoo releases it’s own version of a Varia Radar


Canyon is due for an Ultimate/Aeroad update.

Guessing there will be new focus on live on bike drag calculation devices from many places, maybe even a mainstream player.

Road tubeless will go big time.


I predict most companies, even with 14 months up their sleeves, will still be cutting it super close for having anything ready. Availability won’t be “and it’s in store Monday!”

Someone will proclaim it to be the year of the “smart bike”. Like last year. And the year before that.

eBikes will take over Eurobike. Like last year. And the year before that. That’s where a huge chunk of money is.

There’ll be a few new GPS head units people will get excited over… then they’ll forget about them and buy a Garmin or Wahoo unit that has already launched this year. Sorry Stages, Bryton, Lezyne, Pioneer, Sigma, etc. It’s a two player market until any of them can make something people SING about being a game changer. I don’t see that happening.

If my experience with the R1 and BKool AIR is anything to go by - Trainer companies will follow the lead of Wahoo and screw up something in production trying to get something to market. I think Wahoo are ahead of the curve here, fail fast. Others will follow suit… but fail slowly.

More on that… We really haven’t seen anything revolutionise direct drive smart trainers like we did with the original Kickr. (Yeah, the Neo… but it’s really not that different). I don’t predict we’ll see any “game changing must have” updates to direct drive trainers this year, maybe not for a few years. We’ll likely see refinements. Hopefully more thru-axle support!

Wahoo/Sufferfest anything: It’s too soon. Maybe Wahoo will boot out FulGaz and RGT from their booth and for Sufferfest to be front and centre.

Garmin/Tacx: Still too soon. We saw the Neo Bike TWO YEARS AGO… It’s already a legacy device.

4iiii/STAC: Too soon for anything revolutionary unless STAC had something already pending on the cards that 4iiii can paint red and call their own.

Kinetic: I’d hate to be fielding the questions at their booth about the R1. I suspect they’re spinning their wheels fast with a firmware updates that’ll bring that unit a little closer to ‘satisfactory’.

CycleOps: We saw their ‘rocker plate’ thingy in person at the Giro d’Italia Femminile last month. Also 14 months old now though.

That’s about all. There’s a lot that’s happening at Eurobike that people will like. More on that when embargos lift and press releases are leaked…er… released.


I’m in the market for a new DD Smart trainer and saw a Flux S for 539 in the Netherlands. Called the company because delivery times were unknown. They said that Tacx didn’t know when the Flux S will be headed out to stores because of Eurobike.
Could it be that the Flux S is EOL and a new low/midrange trainer will be announced?

As long as one will finally ship :sweat_smile:

My SO is doing TR 3x a week alongside my training schedule and there isn’t space for another trainer, so I’m swapping bikes on a daily basis.

And she wants to go to 4x a week in October :laughing:


I was thinking the same about the colour offerings, but wasn’t that a bodged delayed release of the roam?

I asked Canyon if there would be an update to the Ultimate this year, and I got a customer service message that there were no changes for 2020. So maybe something for the Aeroroad.

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I forgot about their ultimate super light offering. I think that was probably a stopgap to make it another model year on the original frame.

Aeroad has been on the market with zero frame changes for what seems like a record for any major manufacturer.

I can’t say I read anything “official” if it was intentional or some stop-gap measure.

  • If it was a “cover-up”, it shows they chose to do a silly solution.
  • If it was intentional, they made a bad call on what was considered a notable change worthy of the build-up.

In either case, it doesn’t look good for Wahoo, IMHO.

I agree, it looked terrible. I don’t know anyone who followed it that wasn’t up in arms. A bit like Trek’s claims for Wavecel.

I didn’t read anything official but the timing certainly points to a cover up. Sadly, they obviously aren’t going to make a cover up public knowledge and I’m not convinced that even the Roam was worthy of the hype they were creating.

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