ERG not controlled (Elite Direto) since update

Since the update I got today trainerroad is no longer properly setting the ERG (using an Elite Direto) power levels are coming through fine, it just doesn’t adjust the resistance. (I was all ready to go but frustratingly had to stop because of this). I tried restarting the application as well as restarting the laptop (Windows). Last Sunday it was still working fine (pre-update).

Also, with the new calendar feature, the plan I was already on disappeared? Is that supposed to happen?

Trainer Road Windows Update?

Windows (what version) Update?

Elite Firmware update?

Hey there!

Sorry for the troubles with the new update!

I have reached out to support and asked them to send you an email so that we can get this all sorted out! They will know exactly what to do and have you back up in riding in no time! Keep an eye out for that email here shortly! :slight_smile:

Try a power-cycle (plug out, wait 10 seconds, plug back in) on your Direto. That usually works for me when either TR or Zwift can’t control resistance.

The first two, trainer road and windows are both the most recent updates (windows 10), it literally updated right before.

Elite Direto I don’t know, the app they deliver with that is so pathetically poor that I am unable to figure out what it is.

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