Elite direto problems with calibration

Recently joined trainerroad and bought elite direto trainer and enjoying it for the first 2 days. It was working fine, then todays workout, it went crazy on me. I was in the small ring at the front and biggest gear in the back and I am out saddle barely able to get cadence over 65rpm. I uploaded to strava and for the 1 hour workout my average speed was 365km/hr :slight_smile: and distance was something crazy also. Tried calibration in trainerroad app and also in elite app.

Can anybody help with calibrating this? Thanks

Have you tried switching the trainer from erg mode to resistance? From the TR workout go into devices open trainer and look for toggle switch.

I have tried this. When I put it in resistance mode it defaults to 30 something. This then seems to work in relation to resistance from the gears. When I switch it back to erg mode the direto trainer makes a distinct brief noise and then it is back to massive resistance even in the lightest gear. I have heard someone mention something about dividing something by 12.1.

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That 12.1 sounds like it might be related to wheel circumference calculation. An incorrect value there would give an incorrect speed.

Regardless, each out to trainerroad support. Iā€™m sure they can help get you sorted.