Is my Elite Direto done?

Hi all,

Having got bored with Zwift, I switched back to TR for all my indoor training. Not following any plans, but I’m a data nerd so like the analytics!

My Elite Direto worked fine with Zwift, both in free ride and workout mode.

I prefer using resistance mode in TR, and I’ve had to bump this up to 100% to hit my power numbers at a sensible cadence.

My old TT bike is on the turbo, and I’ve now switched from an old 60T chainring to a 52T chainring (so I can do the odd commute in TT position).

With the smaller chainring I’m having to use my smallest cogs to hit sweetspot (310-320ish). That doesn’t seem right.

Currently connecting with my iPad, I’m wondering if switching to the ant+ connection on my laptop might be worth trying?

My FTP is around 250 and I am using %40 resistance to complete my training from zone 2 to zone 5.

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I know you said that you prefer resistance mode, but I would check and see how it performs in erg before making any determinations that it may be toast.

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Have you calibrated lately? You might need to run a calibration in the Elite app. It will spit out a number that you can compare to the factory calibration number that should be on a sticker somewhere on your trainer. If the two numbers are off by enough (I don’t remember how many “enough” is) then there is a procedure to adjust it. This might help with you. Contact Elite support and they can walk you thru it.

There is resistance check instructions on elite support site:

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I did a short Z2 ride while watching TV so thought I’d test erg mode, it works fine, but I’d forgotten how different it is.

Last night I tried via ant+ on the laptop and resistance mode at around 30% seemed to work well enough.

Yes, I calibrate fairly regularly. It’s always within 2 or 3 of the number printed on the base.

Thanks, I’ll give this a go from the iPad and see if that alters the resistance.