ERG mode - Trainer not lowering to target after an interval

I’m sure this has been discussed before. Overall, I would say my trainer is tracking pretty well to the workouts, however, I noticed Tuesday after doing a VO2 Max interval that the trainer was keeping me at a number a bit above the target. Like if the target was 250, the trainer was stuck at 260. What was odd about it was that looking at the little colored bar graph the circle on the end of the bar separated from the line and that the circle was hovering around where I was stuck, but the target line was below that and the bar was fluctuating up and down where either I or the trainer were trying to get it to stabilize at the target. Has anyone noticed the circle thing had this behavior. Those intervals are hard enough when doing them at 98% of threshold much less doing them above threshold.

I get this from time to time with my Hammer trainer. Usually the power target stays stuck for 10 seconds before dropping to the correct power target and the target power shown on screen. Only happens on interval type workouts.

What trainer are you using, and how often do you calibrate it? Have you ever updated the trainer’s firmware? This is super strange behavior and I haven’t previously heard or experienced anything like this.

I have a Tacx Neo, which doesn’t have a calibration. Yes, I have updated it, but I’m doubtful this is the trainer. I’ve not seen this with other software.

Hey Russell, thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. Glad to hear it’s on the latest firmware, this is still very strange then. Would you mind writing in to for me? If it’s a problem with the TR software, we have a system in place for reporting and tracking these issues that gets them in front of our development team in the most organized and effective way possible to get them sorted out ASAP. Thank you!