Target power for interval doesn't match target power in analysis, bug or intended?

Did anyone notice the target power for interval doesn’t match target power in analysis, during the workout target power I had to hold was 281W as shown in the tooltip but the target in the analysis says 278W (see screenshot)

Yo! I would check in with so they can look through your internal ride log and see whats up.

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I occasionally see a difference of 1W which I assume is down to rounding errors with the app using one way and the web interface using another. I.e. floor() vs ceil().


OPE apologies, I misread your initial post thinking you wrote 218 was the target versus reading 278, which is clearly more significant of a discrepancy. A couple watts is totally normal.
This is just a result of TrainerRoad software ramping your target power up a second or two early to compensate for ERG slowness, which is what you’re seeing in that ‘mismatch’. I wouldn’t stress about those couple watts difference, you’re definitely doing the work and getting credit for it! :+1:


Thanks, I figured as much but just asking to be sure