ERG mode Toggled Off but still active :-/

On my third 12 min long interval today I wasn’t hitting targets and to avoid the ERG spiral of death I toggled it off and dropped the intensity and resistance via the cursors. Every 15secs or so the Suito would still put on the brakes like ERG then release them. Completely energy sapping.
It may be that I’ve got a power meter link to the Suito and the Suito is also paired to TR via bluetooth and ant +. I did a 10 min recovery afterwards with the Suito just linked to the power meter and paired to TR via ant+ and it seemed more stable. Was that the issue or has anyone other ideas?

Might be good to contact so they can review the files.

Not an answer to your issue, but why didn’t you just leave it on and reduce the workout intensity percentage?

New again to Smart trainers/ERG and TR. I used TR last with a dumb trainer. So I did what I thought would work mid workout, it didn’t :rofl: