Erg mode problems.Anyone had this?

Ive just done Raymond+7. I use a Kinetic smart trainer, and as far as I know I have no problems with that or the bike I use.But part way through no. 2 interval, it suddenly got harder to pedal , then I was pedalling squares and had to stop, pause the session. This happened twice, then I got it going again but switched to resistence mode for the remains of the interval. in the rest period, I switched back to erg mode, for the next interval, and everything was fine for the rest of the session. This happened once before, doing Carillon +2, and I quit, deciding the session was too hard for me. I dont completely understand erg mode. Sometimes it feels quite easy, and other times, however fast I spin I cant raise the wattage. Anyone who has used TR for a while, advice please.

To learn about ERG:

If those don’t explain your issues, I suggest emailing to review your workout issues.

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I had a similar issue with Zwift and my Elite Suito. I found that the issue was caused by pairing the trainer with my Bolt head unit. The Bolt would somehow do something to the Suito firmware which could only be resolved by unpairing the Suito from everything, and then using the Elite App to control the trainer for a few minutes which would reset the firmware.
Probably not the same issue as you are having, but I know when I was problem solving it, I was searching for any similar issues.


Thanks! It could be a similar issue. Will try that next time,

I wouldn’t count out the KK Trainer. I’ve had loads of issue’s (same as what you’ve listed) connecting with mine. I have the T-6100 KK trainer, It’s a bit of a lemon as far as I’m concerned. KK support has been useless. If you have the T-6100 you’ll have issue’s.

All of my connection problems happen if I’m trying to connect to TR thru bluetooth on my PC. I’ve purchased all the recommended dongles, etc… and I still get drops, ERG mode will drop several times during a ride and reconnect randomly or completely freeze.

A little over a month ago I bought an otg cable and started training using the TR app on my Pixel 2. All connection issue’s have gone away completely and my training experience has been great!

Best of luck ironing this out!

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Thanks for that. Sounds like the KK trainer is not the best. But mine is ok on zwift. One of the problems I have sorted is the Bluetooth. Both on zwift andTR. Basically I had paired my mobile and had that running ,and I`d also paired my laptop. As it can only pair with one device at a time, I sorted that one easily, and can now train with the laptop with its bigger screen which is good.
The other problem you mention, the seizing up, I haven’t cured .but If it happens, I let it go back to 0, then I spin it up, let it go back to 0 again, then resume training. Not Ideal, but doesn’t disrupt the session too much… in an ideal world I would buy a better one but having bought a very expensive new MTB, I have to save the £££s!!!

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It would be worth checking your bike over again, I had erg mode control issues with a an Elite Drivo I, every so often it would run me into a cliff. After a lot of messing around trying everything I could think of and repeated spin down calibrations it turned out to be the bottom bracket bearing were on the way out, new BB and everything is fine.

Hi Chad, thanks for this. I understand it now. Yes, I just hit the spiral of death, but now Im getting used to that it doesnt happen very often, unless I`n not warmed up properly, or very tired. As he says, much better for training, as you cant cheat!!!

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