Erg mode trainer question

Help! I’m new to this so please be kind.

While on my Saris Hammer smart trainer, I’ll get some weird things happening, like the power staying too low or too high after a power target change. I think it might be user error when I’m anticipating the power change and my cadence changes?

But it seems like it takes a loonnngggg time for the trainer to correct, sometimes >10-20 seconds which can seem like forever when I’m supposed to be in a recovery between VO2 max intervals.

I have no idea if this is a problem with the user, the connection, the trainer road app, my smart trainer, etc… thus the need to ask here instead of asking tech support. Any help is appreciated.

See attached screenshots of my recent works where this happened.

Email TR support and ask them to take a look - they have access to extra data. Since the issue is only happening on one of the intervals in each of the workouts, and the other intervals look clean, this leads me to think there is a glitch / connection issue / dropout happening. If you were seeing more consistent power variations at the start / end of all or most intervals, then that would lead more to a trainer related problem.


Looks normal except for the delays. Those are usually caused by radio (Bluetooth or ANT) interference.

TR support can help.


My Suito or radio just can’t cope with short VO2max intervals (its maybe compounded by the short sudden polar changes after short intervals; I see Sleeping Beauty +3 falls into that category with 15s recovery intervals moving to 30s 120% intervals) so that’d be normal for me if I used ERG for this type of workout. Which I don’t I toggle ERG off (T on the PC keyboard) and save ERG for longer interval based work.

It looks like the trainer is not receiving the control message, not at least with the first attempt. You can try:

  • the usual things to improve the wireless environment (hunt down rogue microwave ovens, use ANT+ extender cable, etc.)
  • switch protocols ANT+ to BLE if possible,
  • try using another device to run TR, maybe it’s a hardware or software issue on the particular device,

Thank you everyone! It’s helpful to know that it’s not just me and where to start. Appreciate it!