ERG Mode on Garmin Headunits - Adjust Power Target/Intensity during workout?

Hi guys

Can see a couple of topics on ERG mode controlled by Garmin headunits, but none of them cover adjusting the target power during a workout. For example, doing a session of 30/30s at 400W work vs 100W rest and wanting to increase the work to say 410W or 420W on the later efforts (don’t mind the small percentage increase on the rest intervals).

In TR app you can just increase your intensity to 105% or so. Is there a similar functionality or elegant solution on Garmin headunits that I am missing?

Thanks for the pointers!

Setup: Garmin 530 controlling a Kickr Bike.

I assume this means you are not running a TR workout. Just using a workout on your head unit.

As far as I know, there is no clean way to do this. From memory, on my 1030, I can adjust the target power up or down 5W. But the problem is you have to do that for every step. In other words, every time your next 30s hard step starts, it is going to default to the target power in the workout you are following, and you would have to hit the +5W power or however much you would want to increase.

Now, I am going to be that guy and say I think you would be much better served for workouts above threshold to put it in resistance mode and do best effort on each one.

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With a 1040 you can. I don’t believe so with a 530. I have both.

Thanks, found that option on my 530.

Apologies, the 30/30s was obviously a silly example. Let’s make it 3x20 SS efforts and you want to crank up the last few minutes of the last 20 minute set.