On the fly power changes

Hi All,
Does trainer road has the faclity to manually adjust erg power setting on the fly i.e. I want to start at say 180W warm up and then toggle power to varying different ammounts for differing perods as I progress the ride. Sometimes I dont want a fixed workout and ‘free ride’ doesnt support this as far as Im know.
I’m aware you can adjiust % within a pre programmed ride but i’m still fixed to the prescribed workout.
I cuurent used wahoo app for this. Any help/knowledge appreciated

No, TR doesn’t really offer a “freeform” type of workout where you just manually alter ERG power to any given level. At it’s root, the core app is a “workout player” and that means you need a workout loaded to follow.

As you mention, using something like a head unit, the Wahoo app or others that allow “simple ERG control” are you better options if you are just winging a workout for intensity & duration of intervals.

It’s possible to actually make a unique and custom workout using the TR Workout Creator, but that doesn’t sound like what you have in mind.

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Sounds like you want to pick a workout with only a warm up and one flat interval. So that you can then change the % up or down as you want.


that just may do the trick. Thanks

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