Altering Workout intensity for outside workouts

Is there any way to change a workout’s intensity prior to pushing it to Garmin? I have Mount Goode +3 tomorrow, but I wanted to do it as an outside ride, in my TT position on my track bike. There is no way in that position, I would be able to create this workout at 100% intensity. If I were to do it in the app, it would be no problem to drop the intensity down to say 85%, but it doesn’t seem possible to. change it before scheduling it as an outside workout. I tried using workout creator, but that doesn’t allow you to push a custom workout to Garmin. I really don’t want to create a workout from scratch in Garmin.

Lower your TR Ftp, push the workout, then put it back where it was.

Or since Mount Goode is a pretty simple workout I’d push it as is to your device, but work the ‘on’ sections at a different pre-calculated wattage. Take whatever it is x 0.85 (or whatever intensity) you want, and ride that wattage instead, or some number less than the range. Might be 30 lower than your Garmin tells you to, but who cares.

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I like the altering the FTP idea. Gonna go with that. I had considered just pushing the workout as is. However, my Garmin gives me a 20w range (10 above and below) for the target FTP. I kind of like to just glance at the range screen to check it. Thanks for your help!

Your not confined by ERG outside. Rides at the lower end of the target are lower intensity. I would ride at the top end of target indoors but outside when I’d rather pay attention to the road I’ll target the lower end.

I never do ERG mode inside as my personal belief is that real cycling doesn’t exist in ERG mode. I am doing the intervals in TT position on a track bike, so my power is going to be drastically different than how I tested. I anticipate my intervals to be performed well outside the 10w window today as I am limited by a position that I haven’t been in for months, and I will be pedaling at a higher cadence.

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I think I have come to the same conclusion as you on ERG mode. I can stay in between the ends of my workout but my lower FTP probably gives me a bit of flexibility watts wise and I do my indoor training mostly on a TT bike so my FTP is set on that👍

Yeah, I’ve been debating doing my next ramp in TT position. My TT bike is out of commission for right now, so I’m not sure I really want to do it on my track bike unless I were to break down and do it in ERG mode. I wish this new adaptive training thing would just do the training for me.

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