ERG Mode + Backpedal = Reduced Actual Target Wattage for remainder of Interval

This one has been on my mind for a long time now, and I could trigger a support ticket but I’m wondering if others experience this as well;

Setup: KICKR in ERG + Crank based powermeter in power match mode
Circumstance issue occurs: anytime doing an interval (say 5-10min) and I take a backpedal for 15-30s, don’t pause, and then keep going. The target wattage doesn’t change, but even when i get back to regular cadence the POWER never gets all the way back to target. It usually will sit at 80% of where it needs to be.
It ends up making the rest of the interval easier than it needs to be which is frustrating, but serves me right for taking a break.

Wondering if others experience this?

Good example is shown below where you can see I took a brief backpedal in the later sets with about 2:30 left, and then the power never came back up to target.

I had something similar happen about 2.5 weeks ago, but I did return to target power.

After that incident I configured the Kickr to use “Control with ANT+ Power Meter” and turned power match off in TR which you can read about here: PowerMatch Experiences

That has generally worked better, however it is not foolproof. I start each workout by doing 30-60 seconds using the Wahoo app, to confirm the Kickr’s “power match” is working, and then swipe-quit the Wahoo app and start the TR app on my iPhone. I’ve completed 8 workouts using the Kickr version of power match, and 1 time the Kickr had not connected to Stages PM (step 2 in my instructions, linked above).